Monday, October 22, 2007

Magic Monday's Marvelous Freebies


Kits & Stuff: 2x


Scrapmuch said...

thanks for the pictures! lots of great finds today, I really appreciate the work you put into your blog and freebie hunts

Anonymous said...

I so appreciate the many hours of work you put into searching out great freebies for all of us. I have a question: Is the cute brag book that you designed as a prize several weeks ago with the Weed and Wildflower papers for sale anywhere? I would love to purchase it, as I'm not good enough to compete in any contests to have a chnce of winning it. I haven't seen anything as unique as that, and I'm trying to put together a memory book in brag book size for a child with Downs Syndrome.

Barbara said...

Ganz lieben Dank, dass Du mich mit gelistet hast.
Es sind aber auch wieder zauberhafte Sachen, die Du da ausgesucht hast.
LG Barbara

verabear said...

hi! thank you so much for the list :)

IkeaGoddess said...

Sorry, but the brag book was only available for participants of the challenge, it isn't up for sale.
Btw, there were no restrictions on participating and you are definitely good enough. Don't let anybody tell you something else. I think scrapping isn't about been "good at it", but about being creative. That's where the fun starts.

Anonymous said...

So many beautiful things you've found. It took me a long time to download all I liked, don't want to know how long it would have taken to find it all myself! ;)Thanks for finding it for me, and providing the o-so-handy previews!

Gina.Maria said...

I've got a new freebie for you to check out -

Inma said...

Welcome back!!! I hope you had lots of fun during the weekend and a great time. :)

Thanks so much for the freebie list, it's a fantastic selection and great tips for freebies. :)

Best wishes. :O)

Kim B said...

Thanks Angie- looks like you had a blast! Got my server back eventually today-LOL, tooo much internet traffic after the celebrations here in SA.