Friday, September 28, 2007


I'm sooo happy it's Friday and I'm off work this weekend. It's been a long week. Damien was sick with a cold accompanied by fever, so my sweetie and I took turns taking off work to look after him. Now if I'm not at work for two days, it means the double amount on the next day. As you can imagine sleep was a luxury item this week. Damien is feeling better again, though I'm not sure about my sanity after watching Cars every day this week. I don't know how your toddlers are with their favorite movie, but this household's toddler wants to memorize every single part of the movie. It used to be Curious George (my sweetie and I sometimes actually act dialogs of the movie just for the fun of it and because we can or we're just plain crazy) and now its Cars. He is nuts about the tractor tippin' scene. It's not like he doesn't have 20 other movies to choose from. Usually he is only allowed 15 min of TV time a day, but being sick and all, he got to watch a movie a day. Of course it was Cars - every single day. Argghhhhh

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William Tell Overture for Moms

Today while hunting for freebies I found the link to this video of Anita Renfroe on Sophia Davies blog. I think it's hysterical and am still laughing. Can you all remember how Ally McBeal always had her own theme song that only she could hear? - well I think I found mine :-))

Friday, September 21, 2007

Freebie Friday


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pretty, pretty please with sugar on top

Dear blog readers,
I have a favor to ask. Here is the story: a colleague from work plays in a band. There is a big rock-festival coming up and 5 local bands get the opportunity to play. The competition is already narrowed down to 10 and now every online vote counts. It would be really nice if you could go to this site, set the radio button to "Vanilla Bourbon Band" and click on the "abstimmen" (vote) button. Thanks for your help. For those of you who were wanting to know what the Vanilla Bourbon Band sounds like can listen here.
Cheers, Angie

Friday Morning Hunt

Here are just a few I found this morning. I'll be back with more this evening. daily download

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yo ho, me hearties!

I'm away one day and my google reader list has 290 entries when I come back - can you believe that? Anyway, here is what I liked:
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Wishing you a pirate's life and a bottle of rum on "Talk like a pirate day".