Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday's wicked freebies

Here is what I found and liked for today:Ruby has some cute doodles to go with her Show the Love kit. Get it on her blog.
Christina has gorgeous first (!) kit all in green called Heritage on her blog.
Kate has an awesome doodled paper alpha on her blog.
Sarah has a lovely template on her blog.
Michaele has some Delightful tags on her blog.
Kirsty has a hot green arrow called Take Direction on her blog.
Caro has great Celebration freebies including the alpha you see. Get it all on her blog.
Misty Cato is giving away a kit of two 4x6 quick pages on here blog.
Laura is offering some Love glitter doodles on her blog.
Angie has an adorable template for you here.
Luiza Garay is offering her Flowers Happiness freebie on her blog.
Debby has two templates for us today - one card, one 12x12. It's all on her blog.
The Scraphouse team has a huge freebie kit called Simple Valentine on their blog.

Bee My Honey - final and last part 6

Here is the part that makes it complete:Download here.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday's freebies

Sorry, I'm late everybody, but I had an 11h shift today and just got home. Today is template Tuesday, but I found some other goodies as well ;-) Here goes:Tracy B has a great template for you on her blog.
Ruby has a fabulous P template from her ABC collection on her blog. I am definitely going to make an entire album with them, I just love that idea.
Misty Cato has some cute Funky Little Flowers on her blog. has a Bob the Builder kit here.
Antje has further add-ons to her Chocolate Blossom kit on her blog.
Rachel Dickson has some nice ribbons for you here.
Heather Ann has a darling pinwheel for you here.
Ashley is giving away her lovely Monotonous Cappucino paper pack on her blog.
Doris has a cute envelope with tags on her blog.
Theres has an adorable new kit called Sweethearts on her blog.
Stefan's mama has an add-on to her Little One kit - sweet pastel frames. Get them on her blog.
Mary has a new kit out called Little Girl. Get it here. (you will find it under "Meine Kits")

Bee My Honey - part 5

Here's part 5 of Bee My Honey.To download click here.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Today's freebie finds

Make some room on your harddrives for the fabulous freebies I found today, some are definite must haves. Take a look:Kirsty has an awesome definite must-have kit out called Key Lime Twang. Get it here. (more monocrome kits will be following this one, I can't wait)
Misty Cato has the cutest new kit out called That's My Boy and is giving away a sample element on her blog.
Jana has a sampler of her Happy 7000 kit on her blog.
Alice Naylor has border templates here. I bet this will come in handy.
Anne has some cute snowflake doodles here.
Traci Sims has Flower Doodle Stamps on her blog.
Tabatha Reed has her Boys Are Cool paper pack on her blog.
Sarah has some Rainbow Heart Gems on her blog.
Debbie Bradley has another Valentine's card template on her blog.

Theres has an adorable add-on to her Aurel kit on her blog.
Tabby has some great folded ribbons on her blog.
Krista has a hot new kit called For The Boys on her blog.
Rebecca has cute christmas alphabet on her blog.
The Dip Diva's have a sample of their Raise The Bar kit on their blog.
Leslie Reid has some nice quotes for you on her blog.
Seebee has a Grunge Circle Frame Set from her Dream Trip kit on her blog. has two oh so cute kits called Magicien and Fee waiting for you to grab them right here.

Bee My Honey - part 4

Click here to download.

Finally some snow

We finally had a teeny little bit of snow on Saturday morning (it melted again by the time it was afternoon). But I managed to build 2 snowmen with my little one till noon and I took a bunch of pictures too. I have been downloading"snow"-kits since August, and then we have the warmest winter in at least a decade. Just my luck. It was hard to decide which kit to use, but in the end
I used Miss Mint's Frozen Slush kit from The layout is from DigitalDesignEssentials December sketch challenge by Gina Cabrera. The fonts are Scriptina with AtomicCupcake's cracked paint action, Kiddy Flakey with AtomicCupcake's chipboard action and Ziggy Zoe.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday's freebies

Gail has a sunny kit called Country Kitchen on her blog.
Caro has a lovely Shabby School minikit on her blog.
Misty Cato has a Metal Essentials tag on her blog.
Anita has some cute wordart, as well as a kit called Nana's Love on her blog.
Karen Perreira has 15 rectangular embroidered frames in every color of the rainbow on her blog.
Caroline Brown has her Design A Kit paper sampler on her blog.
Julia has a new minikit for you on her blog.
I don't know how I missed it previously, but RAKScraps has 3 fabulous kits that they give away in their newsletter. They are Tranquil by Jeannie Papai, Admiration by SaraAmarie, and Oh! So Happy! by Betsy Tuma. You will find the download links at the end of the newsletter. You can get the newsletter here.
Graziela Mendes has a sweet minikit called Dream of Flowers on her blog.
Rikki has a black & white minikit called Universal Stuff on her blog.
Jenny has an awesome template on her blog. I love her style.
Miss Vivi has a nice template on her blog.
Seebee has a Grunge Edge Alpha on her blog.

Bee My Honey - part 3

Bring some glitter into your life with part 3 of Bee My Honey ;-)Download it here.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday's Freebies

Ready, set, download & leave some love:
Pty has a new page template for you on her blog.
Karen Perreira a kit called Hotty Dotty Love on her blog.
Ria has a cute Valentine's template on her blog.
Vicki Stegall has some shiny, shiny, pretty, pretty papers for you here. Hurry, it's only good for 1000 downloads.
Misty Cato a template for you on her blog.
Tabby has embroidered circle frames in every color of the rainbow on her blog.
Jessica Gorny has a template for you on her blog.
Seebee has a Grunge frame set for her Dream Trip kit on her blog.
Debby has another fabulous template for you on her blog.
Traci Sims has the Joker card to match the king and queen on her blog.
Maddy has chocolate letters spelling LOVE for you on her blog. yummy.

Bee My Honey - part 2

Ladies, I kind of have the feeling that bees is just what the digi-scrapping world was looking for. Not only did you download part 1 more than 500 times within 24hours, you also left 94 heart-warming comments. Thank you, you are amazing.
I did a quick layout today using the kit and Maryse's Wavy template. If you hurry, you can still get it on her blog (check the freebie list on the right).Here is the download link for part 2 of Bee My Honey.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Crazy Freebie Friday

Are you ready to download?...well, you better have broadband, 'cause life is too short for 56k. On your mark, get ready, here goes:Maryse has part 4 of Sakura in Bloom out. You can still get the previous parts too. Get it all on her blog.
Ruby has part 2 of her Show the Love kit for you on her blog.
Antje has an add-on to her Chocolate Blossom kit on her blog.
Helena has a new kit called Crazy Passion on her blog.
Tanja has an Angry freebie on her blog.
Anita has a cute Circus Time kit on her blog.
Fandango has an Victorian Edge overlay at Digital Scrapbook Place.
Jamie Rousselle has a Hooped Quick Click template at Digital Scrapbook Place.
Luiza has a new kit called Amor Amor on her blog.

Pricilla has a set of 6x4 templates on her blog.
Kathryn Mhire has a mini-kit called In the Mood for Love at Digital Freebies.
Katie has great Doodled Paper Hearts for you here.
Sharon has a fabulous kit called School Daze on her blog.
Misty Cato has a page template for you on her blog.
Mary has some heart doodles on her blog.
Katie and Kirsty have a new kit called Just Misty Mocha (the pic just shows the elements, there are a bunch of papers not shown here that go with it). Get it here.
Tracy B has a fabulous template on her blog.
Michaele has some Delightful extras on her blog.

Seebee has some cute photo corners from her Dream Trip on her blog.
Amy W has a Valentine Doodle for you on her blog.
Mary has a nice little kit called Pinks and Pearls on her blog.
Amanda has some Pretty Shabby Frames on her blog.
Jennilyn has some awesome bent photo templates on her blog.
Toni Berman has a surprise ticket on her blog.
Jennifer has a template on her blog.
Traci Sims has the king to match her queen. Get it on her blog.
Carrie has some cute elements on her blog.

Ufff, can you believe the amount of freebies out there today? I think this is a new record. Enjoy.

Bee My Honey - part 1

Ladies, I proudly present my newest kit: Bee My Honey.As you can see it's all about bees & flowers. I wanted the design to be a bit whimsical, so I can use it for LOs about my toddler.OK, there may be a little too many elements, but I subscribed to the atomic club at and just couldn't stop making them. Their actions are unbelievable, and I haven't even used half of them. (but I most certainly will in the future :-)).
I had to split it up in 6 parts, cause the kit is just too big. Starting today you will get one part per day till Wednesday. Anyway here's the download link for day 1.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sneak Preview

Phewww, done. I just finished my latest page kit. Here's a sneak peek:I will make the first part available for download tomorrow, on freebie Friday. The kit is full of elements - I basically tried out what the Atomic Cupcake actions have to offer. So you will find charms, stickers, embroidered patches, and much more. Stay tuned.


I have to post really early today, as I'm on the late shift again till after midnight.
So here's what I found this morning:Andrea has a great template for you on her blog.
Tracy B has a darling birthday template on her blog.
Ruby has the last part of her Gratitude kit, the Orange Paper Pack, on her blog.
Pamela has a Scrappers Little Basic Set with fabulous cardboards for you on her blog.
Angie has some awesome doodles for you here.
The ladies from All things visual have a Love Letters sampler for you on their blog.
Debby Bradley has another cute card template for you on her blog.
Sandra has a nice princess purse template for you on her blog.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Template Wednesday?

Wow, did I find a lot today:Angie has a beautiful page template here.
Eva Kipler is offering a sampler of her Dreamy Joy kit here.
Anne has some awesome doodle & alpha stickers here and here.
Barbara Speck has some twisted ribbons for you here.
Jennifer Barrette has cute patchwork paper on her blog.
Laura Corzine's Sienna Spice sampler and Jannylynn's Spring Daydreams sampler are both available at ElementalScraps.
Debby Bradley has a new page template for you on her blog.
Di Hickman has a new card template on her blog.
Misty Cato has a new alpha for you and a great tutorial on how to make them. It all on her blog.
Dumpty has a new template for you here.
Nadine has a fresh page template on her blog.
Janni has a You've got mail kit on her blog.
Janet Phillips has a template for you on her blog.
And Ronee Parsons has a page template on her blog.

That's a total of seven templates today! Enjoy

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Template Tuesday freebies

Here are the freebies I found today:Ruby has two sensational freebies for you today: the first part of her Show the Love kit and an A-template. Get them both here.
Cindy has 3 cute ABC pins on her blog.
CIA has a new kit for you called Delicate Kitchen. Grab it here.
Misty Cato has a new mini paper kit on her blog.
Doris Castle has handwritten Letter Cards on her blog.
Traci Sims has a Queen of Hearts card here.
Bad Candy has the Create kit for you here.
Krista is offering her cute Love Paisley kit on her blog.
Angedawn has a Valentine Ribbon for you on her blog.
Heather Roselli has cute pastel epoxy stars for you on her blog.
Stefan's Mama has tags & strings for her Little One kit. Get it here.
Eva has two kits for you: Pink Flowers and Chocolate. Grab them both here.
Dea Spina has a sample of her To Love and Care kit on her blog.

Isn't it strange that I only found one template today? I've never had that on a Tuesday before. At least we can rely on Ruby.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Atomic Club effects

I just joined the Atomic club over at AtomicCupcake, downloaded all the PSE effects, installed them and am now trying them out. What I can say so far is : amazing. I mean I knew they were good, I had downloaded their four free effects before and used them quite often for lettering, but I had no idea how many different effects they have. I don't even know where to start. I'm off work on Wednesday (cause I have to work through the weekend) and will be trying them all out. These effects definitely will be used in my upcoming kits, be sure of that. I think this was my best invested "scrapbooking" money so far. Well I'm off to bed for now, see you tomorrow.

Tons of freebies

After a slow freebie day yesterday, just look what I found today:Maryse has the first part of her new kit out today: Sakura in Bloom. It's a stunning Japan inspired kit with some awesome rich reds. I hope you can tell that I really like this kit. You can get it here.
Katie has two awesome doodle kits out. I just can't believe they are free. Get them on her blog.
MissVivi has the first part of her new kit out Aladdin. Get it on her blog.
Patti Knox from Digital Design essentials has a great page template here.
Katie Pertiet has a paper pack at Designer Digitals.
DD also has some very cute hearts to offer here.
Michaela has some nice vacation Crystal stickers on her blog.
Ramona Williams has a nice paper pack called Hannah's Joy on her blog.
All things visual has a cute fastener freebie for you on their blog.
Carole has a great template for you on her blog.
Sarah has some sweet glittery hearts for you on her blog.
Stefan's Mama has Little One Message Hearts to match her kit on her blog.
MoodeeBeth has a whole collection of vintage chips here.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday freebies

Hi ladies, here is what I found today:Caro has the papers for her Shabby Winter kit on her blog.
Nana has a new kit called Kit 101. Grab it on her blog.
MissTiina has vintage newsprint brushes. Get them here.
Traci Sims is giving away her Blue Mirage sampler on her blog.
Leslie Reid has some wonderful quotes on her blog.
Kris Myers has some Grungy Overlays on her blog.

New template

Hiya, here's a page I did today:All papers and elements are from Maryse Vincent's Blue-tiful Seabreeze kit. You can still get most parts of it here. The "squirt" alpha is included in Maryse's kit. The font used on "little" is Scriptina combined with Atomic Cupcake's foamtext action and the font used for the journaling is Zombie.

I think this a very versatile layout, so I made it into a template for you.You can download it here. Enjoy.

New LO

Just finished a page with Sharon's new kit - Fresh Start. I tried to keep it simple & clean, so the photo and the papers would stay in the focus.When I shot that photo Damien was actually trying to squirt me with his bath time frog. However I was faster and stayed dry - for once :-)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Midnight freebies

uff, I'm finally back from work. Since I'm too tired now to work on any of my stuff, I decided to go freebie shopping. Here's what I found:Caro has a Shabby Winter kit on her blog.
Amy has a great Valentine template on her blog.
Pati has a gorgeous grungy kit called Fin d'eté on her blog.
Rita has a fabulous template on her blog.
Prune has a lovely kit called Collection Bleu Café for you here.
Debby has yet another template you don't want to miss. It's wonderful for all those events that you have tons of pictures of. Get it here.
Last but not least is a great kit by Kristine. It's called Electric Goth. Now I finally have something that works with those wicked PJs my toddler has. Can't wait to use it. You can get the kit on her blog.

Well, I think I'm gonna work a little on some of my current projects, in order to offer you all something new in the next days. Sorry I didn't get around to it earlier, but I never imagined a toddler birthday could be so exhausting. I totally underestimated it. Preparations took forever and now our apartment is a wreck. Maybe finger-coloring wasn't such a great idea after all.... :-)
Thanks to those of you that have left some very sweet and encouraging comments. You give me the energy to feel like one of those little duracell bunnies. Thank you.

Noon freebies

Here's what I found till now:Selena has a cute Hearts mini-kit on her blog.
Antje has a great kit called Chocolate Blossom on her blog.
Bren has another awesome kit out called Bohista. Get it on her blog.
Debby has another sweet Valentine card template for us on her blog.
Misty has some painted metal buttons for us today on her blog.
Amanda has some grungy Dirty Love Letter papers on her blog.
SeeBee has a fun pencil scratch alpha on her blog.
Maddy has a cute hearts element on her blog.
Last but not least Jenny has an awesome template on her blog for you. Go and see the page she did with it. It took my breath away. Get the template here.

PS. I'll be back later, but for now I'm off to work. CU and don't forget to give some love.

Friday, January 19, 2007

OMG, where have the last two years gone?

My sweet-pea turned two today, I just can't believe it. Time is flying since he was born. Well, we had a party with family & friends and two of his little friends. Now I'm totally exhausted and going to bed. Sorry no freebie today, I've been baking cakes and blowing up balloons since yesterday night. Here is my little one this morning when he found the balloons in his room.

Freebie Friday

Have a look at the great things I found today:Misty CAto has a wonderful black & white mini kit for you on her blog.
Debby has two cute Valentine card templates on her blog.
Caroline has some beautiful flowers for you here.
Jessica has a nice page template on her blog.
Chantal has a cute kit she's giving away for her birthday today. Get it here.
Selena has a great ticker sheet on her blog. I love those things, don't you too? Grab it here.
Celly has a nice Old Memories kit on her blog.
Stefan's Mama is giving away Little One Bookplates to match her papers from yesterday. Grab 'em here.
Sharon has a wonderful bright colored kit called "Fresh Start" on here blog.
Gina Miller has an awesome multi-colored ricrac pack with knit detail on her blog. Hurry it's only there today.
Leah has a lovely kit out too today. It's called O' Valentine and you can get it here.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Be My Valentine kit - part 4

Here is the last part of my Be My Valentine kit. Grab it here.

Thursday's freebies

This is what I picked up today:First up is Maryse, she has a awesome new template with stitches on her blog.
Betsy Tuna has a sample of her Frayed Frenzy available here.
Misty Cato is offering a ribbon element with flower on her blog.
Helena has a Charming Kit out. Grab it here.
Melanie has a 2 page template on her blog.
Gail is offering a great glittering frame overlay on her blog.
Andrea Victoria has a nice alpha doodle at DesignerDigitals.
JooJooBeezz has wonderful elements from her Hopelessly Devoted kit on her blog.
Amanda Roberts is giving away an inky edge notebook paper alpha on her new blog.
Jenny has her new kit out and is offering "18" on her homepage.
Stefan's Mama has an adorable paper pack called Little One on her blog.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ruby's challenge - part 3

Here's what I did for Ruby's third challenge with her A Brand New Day kit.Everything you see here is included in the kit by Ruby Q Hammer with the exception of the 2 alphas (MCO Handstamped (recolored) is at the top and for the bottom one I combined the Zombie font with Atomic Cupcake's chipboard action) and to give the photo a grungy edge I used the Midnight Blues frame overlay by Anja Kletsch (recolored). The card behind the photo I made using Ruby's papers and the PSE cookie-cutter.

Be My Valentine kit - part 3

Here comes part 3 of my Valentine kit. Download it here.

Wednesday freebies

Today's freebies are:
uby has a great new template out. I just love her templates. Get 'em here.
Angie made a new template too. Get it here.
I found 2 great Alphas by the digital team at Digital Scrapbook Place. The baseball alpha is so cool. Get both and many more here.
Fernlili has her new mini kit Chicklets for grabs on her blog.
Miss Vivi has a cute and very original alpha called Loveling Day on her blog.
Traci Sims has posted an Essential Elements sampler on her blog.
Jeanelle Paige has a great kit Unconventionally Stylish for free here.
You can also get her Hearts and Laughter kit here.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Be My Valentine kit - part 2

Here comes part two of my Be My Valentine kit. I did a quick LO with the kit today:I made it with one of the fab templates created by Daly's daughter at The font is Ziggy Zoe.
You can download part 2 of Be My Valentine here.

Template tuesday or the freebies I found today

I think I have to starting to think about a second hard drive, cause with the rate I'm downloading I'm gonna run out of space soon. I will probably never even use half of it all, but I just have to have it. That reminds me of my quick trip to IKEA today. I really didn't need anything, just wanted to get a new tablecloth. And what did I end up with? - New dishes, matching candles, napkins, etc and 150,-€ less in my pockets. Oh well, now you know one of the reasons why I'm called IkeaGoddess.
Enough of me, here's what I downloaded today:Ruby has a blue paper pack for her great Gratitude kit on her blog.
Chantal's daughter Lena, who turns 3 today, is offering cute little girl and boy boxed words today. Get them here.
Rikki Donovan is offering a sample of her Barcelona Weekend kit here. Man, I would love a trip to Barcelona too.
Melany Violette is offering some Funky paper stars here. I just love these - I truly am a sucker for stars.
Tami has Quilted heart paper and a matching stitched heart doodle (it's spectacular) on her blog.
Sheila has a great Love 'n Stuff kit out. Grab the papers, elements and alpha on her blog.
Tiffany Brand has a kit for all you Moms of little boys - All Aboard the Train. Get it on her blog.
Natalie has two new templates on her blog.
Jennilyn has a wonderful template on her blog.
Ronee Parsons has a great template too. I like that it has a lot of space. Get it on her blog.
Sabdesbois has 4 Spiral templates on her blog. These are great for calender pages.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Blog Milestone

I just had a look at my 4Shared account and saw that the Mosaic template was downloaded over 500 times - wow, that's a first. To celebrate this glorious event and to thank you all, I created a little tag template. I made a tag using the template and my "Be My Valentine" kit. This is what it looks like:It's included in the download. Celebrate with me and grab it here.

Be My Valentine kit

I just finished a page with my new kit. Here it is:I used ConnyB's Valentine page template.

About the kit: Ruby left a comment about the heart buttons I used on a previous page, saying I could give them away. But just a couple of ol' heart buttons...? Nah, that couldn't be all. So I created a kit around those buttons. Since my favorite color is pink, it turned out to be pink hearts till you drop. Which actually isn't all that bad with Valentine's day coming up. I really like how the alphabet on a string turned out. I was definitely inspired by Maryse's Winter Romance alpha. Here's the preview:Due to the size of the kit, I had to split it up into 4 parts. Here's part 1. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the next part.

MLK Freebies

Here's what I found today:
Caro has a really cute kit out called Fairy Wishes. Get it here.
Rose Farver has a minikit called LemonLime. It's on her blog (in the right-hand column).
Don't forget to grab Carrie Stephens Spunkalicious Kit here.
Jessica Gorny is now giving away the elements to match her Baroque papers. Make the kit complete here.
Doris Castle has some beautiful Dream words for you here.
Sue Cummings has two Dream tags for you on her blog.
Maddy has a nice little heart doodle/accent for you on her blog.
Valerie Foster offers Love Buzz embellishments here.
Melany Violette has 3 wonderful stitched pastel felt alphas here. I think they will look great with Caro's Fairy Wishes kit.
Tara Dunstan has a great page template on her blog.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ruby's new challenge

Ruby has a new challenge out - ohhh I just love challenges, don't you? You're to scrap a page with these elements, which Ruby is offering on her blog for free.I'll start tomorrow on this. For further details check Ruby's blog.

Lazy Sunday freebies

Hi gals,
here's what I found today:Helena has a wonderful Citric kit on her blog.
Caro has paper for her Spring kit on her blog. Be sure to get the ribbons and especially the fab alpha too. That alphabet really is a stunner.
Kelley Mickus has a valentine kit sampler out, it's called Be Mine. Get it on her blog.
Jessica Gorny has new Baroque papers on her blog.
Bren has a new freebie on her blog: This -n- that. I just love those bright colors. Get it here.
Daly's 14 year-old daughter has made not one, not two, but five page templates, which are all unique and have a fresh look. Artistic talent sure runs in that family. Be sure to leave her lots of love. Get it here.

I visited my family today and have been scrapping lazy. But don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow with a new kit - its all about valentine's day.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Today's freebies

Sabdesbois has a great Flower page template on her blog. Love it, love it, love it.
PeppermintCreative finally have a new kit out: Frozen Slush. Grab it here.
Sunfire has her 2nd freebie out: its a combo of stuff from 4 of her kits. Get it on her blog.
Karen Perreira has some stitched circle frames (in 15 colors!) on her blog. Bet you these will come in handy.
Di Hickman has a huge page kit for you. It's called Memories from Scrap, get it here.
Carrie Stephens has gorgeous Sparkle Flowers on her blog for you.
Don't forget to grab the Heart Stamps sample at Merkeley Designs.
Last but not least, Laura Burger has a cute mini kit for you on her blog.

Belt template

Hiya, I don't know about you, but I had a busy day today. I had a bad cold this last week and everything was piling up around me. So today I was finally feeling better and had a lot to do. On top Damien was with me all day, and decided to take a whole half hour nap (usually its 2 hours). Anyways, today we walked to the farmers market, cooked, cleaned up, played in-doors and out and now he is finally in bed.
So now is Mommy's scrapping time :-) A while back I got a great kit from Leah Riordan called RetroRobot. Its a boys page kit all in green. I love green - why my entire living room is green, from top to bottom. I've been wanting to make a page from this kit for a while and now I did. This is what came out:I'm quite happy with how it came out. Its all RetroRobot (you can still get it at Oscraps), except the Alpha. Thats AlDancingEgypt font with Atomic Cupcake's chipboard action. The font used for the journaling is Ziggy Zoe. Here's the template for the page:I use PSE4, so the template is a .psd. You can download it here.

Friday freebies - part 2

Ksharonk's new kit Sassy is out. I just love her work. Get it here.
Leah Riordan has a new Punch label alpha. Grab it on her blog.
Amy Elkins' kit is called Olympia. Get it her blog.
Reeta has a great Friends charm on her blog.
And Manu has a fab page template out. Get it here.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Damien's Room - free page kit

Today I sent out the last invitations for my son's upcoming birthday. And now to celebrate that my fingers are officially unglued again, you can get the mini-kit I used for his invites for free. If you want to see the invitations, look at my previous posts (archive - birthday card). The kit includes 6 bright papers, brads, eyelets, balloons, a color swatch to make your own stuff, and my first attempt at a doodle sticker. Its still a little shaky, so if you have any tips to improve it, please let me know.
Enjoy. Download here.

Friday freebies - part 1

Its Freebie Friday everybody - my favorite day of the week.
Here's what I found so far, there will probably be more as soon as the west coast gets up and starts uploading:The first one is a great kit by Tabby. You can get her I Love Coffee kit on her blog.
The next one is by Karen and Ann-Marie. Its called Bella and you can get it here.
Next is a Jen Wilson QP - For him with love. Its only free TODAY, so hurry over to her shop.
Nightwolf has some swirly doodles for you on her blog.
DipDivas are giving away their Avril Alpha for free here.
Misty Cato has the perfect tag for you on her blog.
And Jill has a turquoise and silver pin as well as string beads for you on her blog.

Ruby's page with my Twinkle kit

Ruby is the first one to send me a page done with my kit. It came out fabulous, don't you think:Her little princess is the cutest. To get that great LO template go to Ruby's blog.
As a thank you Ruby will receive glittering elements Maryse made for me:If you want them too, all you have to do is send me a layout you did with my kit.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Template

When I picked up Myranalis' Spring Magic kit (see post below or go here) I just had to use it right away. So I made a kind of mosaic page Here it is:I had to add two background colors - orange and red (I picked the colors from the flower paper and recolored the plain paper), so I had enough, but everything else is pure Spring Magic. Fonts used are Harrison and MA Fishy (with Atomic Cupcake's chipboard action).

I liked the LO so I decided to share the template. Here it is:If you like it, download it here.

Freebies galore

I really found a some fab freebies today. Take a look:
- Maryse is starting to give out her new kit: Blue-tiful Seabreeze. Grab it on her blog and don't forget to come back every day for more parts.
- Traci Sims has a little sampler out for her new Be Free kit. Get it on her blog.
- Bad Candy has a wicked little sample kit called Sweet Heart. Get it here.
- NeverlandScraps has a new mini-kit on her blog called WildChild.
- Pretty Petals 3 are out by Melanie Violet. Get 'em at simplycleandigiscraps.
- Myranalis has put out her first 2 mini-kits and they are gorgeous. Spring Magic and Autumn Magic by Forrest Designs. You can get them on the digishoptalk forum.
- Jill has a turquoise and silver swirl clip on her blog.
- Misty Cato has a new page template on her blog.
- Bren has some cool templates to create your own background. Grab 'em on her blog.
- And ConnyB has a really cute heart page template on her blog.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Page with Ruby's new template

As soon as I got Ruby's new template I just had to sit down and make a page with it. Of course I picked the star theme ;-)I used some papers I had left from making Damien's birthday invitations. The fonts are OhMyGodStars and Scriptina. Don't forget, you can still grab Ruby's template for free on her blog.

Today's freebies

I found some stunning freebies today. Check 'em out:Maryse has a new page template with doodle and paper pieced flower on her blog.
Ruby has two new templates out - one with a heart and one with my all-time favorite a star. They have a nice grungy feel to them. Pick 'em up here and scrap away.
I also found a really cute element: Magic Dust. It was made by Seebee, get it here.
Last but not least, four fabulous doodle stickers. They were made by Laura, grab 'em here.

New LO

I really like Chantal's newest layouts, so I sat down and had a really good look at them and tried to do something like that myself. This is what came out:Almost everything is by either Leah Riordan or ksharonk (both their links are on my favorites list on the left). Exceptions are: the felt circle in the top left corner is by Amy Elkins (you can get it in her Groovy Snowfall kit on her blog; the doodle (recolored) in the bottom right corner is by Carrie Stephens (you can get it in the Vintage Artistry kit at; the fonts used are Scriptina and MA Fishy. The heart buttons I made myself, because I thought the page was missing some hearts.

Twinkle part 5

Here's the last part of my Twinkle kit. Grab it here. It includes the missing "i" of the metal alphabet - thanks Ruby.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Twinkle Part 4

Here's part 4 of my Twinkle kit. Remember, if you send me a page done with this kit, you will receive an exclusive glittering freebie designed by Maryse. You can download part 4 here.

Loads of Freebies

Can you believe I found all these freebies today? And it's not even Friday....Well, here goes:
4 Circle templates by Annetje77
Birthday kit incl. QP by Ping Designs
Love Notes sample kit by Digital Freebies
Sweet Somethings kit by Bren
Experience kit by Scrapgirl
All About Him and All About Her poetry words by Traci Sims
Treasured Moments frames by Maddy

Monday, January 08, 2007

Circle template

I decided to make a easy and simple template out of one of my favorite layouts so I can use it again and again.It contains the star elements (see the page I made with it below) and as an additional option, for all of those out there who aren't into stars as I am, I included some flower elements (top left corner of the preview. You can download it here. Please leave a comment, I would like to know what you think about it.

Freebies I found today

Here's what I found:An fabulous addition by Ruby Q Hammer to her Gratitude kit. You can get it here.
A HaPEA Birthday kit from 2 Peas. You can get it here.
And from Digital Freebies a part of the Miaka collection by Jeannie Papai. Get it here.

Twinkle part 3

Here's part 3 of my Twinkle kit. Enjoy.
You can download it here.

Hurray, I won

Can you believe it? I won Maryse's name that kit contest - yippie-i-ay :-)
Not only will the kit be named after my suggestion: "Sakura in Bloom", but I also get a quickpage and the entire kit. Take a look:
Thanks Maryse!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ruby's challenge - part 2

Here's the layout I did for Ruby's second challenge:It took me over 2 hours to do, but that was worth it. I like how it turned out. What do you think?

New page

Here's a page I just did with my twinkle kit. It shows my little one playing with a wooden train set he got for Christmas. It's just amazing how concentrated he is putting the tracks together and then round after round he pushes the train along.

Twinkle Part 2

Here's part 2 of my Twinkle kit. You can download it here.


Here are the freebies I found today:Sweethearts and Daisies Page kit by Anita.
China Blue Papers by Tara Parks.
Blue Glass Alpha by Misty Cato.
Christmas Tree template by Melissa. Isn't it just perfect for all those Christmas pics you have laying around?. Ruby has used it - go to her Blog and see how great it looks.
Love Me clear tiles by Jessica Gorny. I'm sure I'll use those on my Valentine pages.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Twinkle Kit

Here it is, my first page kit - Twinkle.I split it up into 5 parts and you can get a new part each day.

Those of you who send me pages you have created with my kit (either leave the link and your e-mail address in the comments or send me an e-mail - my e-mail address is in the TOU), will receive a special glittering treat created by the beautiful and exceptionally talented Maryse Vincent. Here's a sneak peek:I'm looking forward to those layouts of yours.
You can download part 1 of the Twinkle kit here.

Freebie Friday

Its freebie Friday and this is what I found today:Groovy Snowfall by Amy Elkins

Softly softly by ksharonk

Love Paper Pack by Sarah Gibson

Friday, January 05, 2007

Birthday card

I've been working on a birthday card for my son's upcoming Birthday party. He turns 2 in two weeks. All the family will be coming and he can invite 2 little friends. (In Germany we have a saying that its best if a child invites just as many friends as he/she is old - so 2 years is 2 little friends.)
I wanted the invite to match the colors of his room. This is what it looks like:Btw I hand painted the walls as we didn't have a lot of money to spare and I had a lot of time on my hands during my 6 weeks maternity leave. I even went as far as to paint the furniture to match and made little things like a frog shelf and the wood measuring chart you see in the pic.

Here's the front page of the invite:The template is by Ruby Q Hammer. You can get it from her blog (see my favorite scrapbook links on the left). The circle papers are recolors (to match my color theme) of Sarah Gibson's Circle Paper Pack. (see my favorite scrapbook links on the left). The Happy Birthday wordart as well as the bottom balloon ribbon (both recolored) is by Khristy Schmid. The font used is DSP Curly Q Solid. The stripy paper and the balloons are my own creation.
The inner side looks like this:
The layout is again by Ruby Q Hammer. The papers are my own design, font is same as above, and the overlay in the top corner is by Mary Ann Wise from 2 Peas.

Freebies I found today

The first one is really cute "fishy" kit by Sarah Gibson. You can get it here.

The second kit is Oooh-la-la from Leah. You can download it here.

Last but not least, least Maryse is still giving out her WinterRomance kit for free here. In addition she started another "Name that Kit" contest for her upcoming kit and if you win, you can get all the parts at once for free. Give it a shot. I already did :-)

Thursday, January 04, 2007


I decided to call my first kit "Twinkle", because its all about stars. The colors I used are actually identical with my very first completely hand-made quilt. I started it years ago and am almost finished, however the border is taking me forever.
Here's a preview of what I have so far. What do you think? I'm grateful for any ideas on how to improve it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What I did this evening

Well, after I got the little one to bed tonight - which took forever - I sat down and made a page about my Mom and me. We are both two passionate shoppers, but when it comes to shopping there is still a lot I have to learn. My mom can shop from 10 in the morning when the shops open till they close at 8pm. She even has special shopping shoes she wears so her feet don't hurt after all that running around. She truly is the goddess of shopping. Don't believe me? Here's an example:
A couple years back we went on a shopping-spree together in the States. We basically did 10 states in 10 days stopping only for food, malls and outlet-centers (and Graceland). Every evening my mom would plan the next day's route with little flyers of all the malls and outlet-centers which she brought with her from previous trips. At home in Germany she has them in folders categorized for each state and county! Do you know anybody who has anything like it? I don't, but it really came in handy on that trip :-) We literally shopped till we dropped.
The kit you see here is by yours truly :-) I'll start posting it in a couple of days.

www freebies

Here are the freebies I found today:

A fun kit all about critters. You can get it here at Simon Says Scrap.

The next two are from Ruby. She made a beautiful circle template and some hot purple papers. You can get them here.

Last but not least, Sarah made a paper pack all about circles. Check it out here.


I just made my atavar for OScraps.