Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wild Wednesday's Wicked Freebies


Kits and other goodies: click on friday frebies


Felicia McB said...

We've got a new daily download at DDD. here's the link to the forum where the links will be.

Kristine said...

Hi Angie,

Hope the unpacking and settling into the house is going smoothly! I dont envy you at all! lol :D

Thanks so much for spotlighting my freebie....swung by today to see what you had and was pleasantly surprised!

Hope today is a lovely one! :-)

Athena Marie said...

I have a freebie template at Scrap Orchard, if you like it, feel free to post it! It comes with shadows on it's own layer and the hearts are meant to be replaced with other elements of your choosing. It's my first attempt at designing, so I hope people enjoy it!