Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I finished a layout!!!

I did it! I broke the curse and finished a layout. I was beginning to feel, I would never do a layout again. It usually took me a couple hours to complete a layout and I hate not finishing it in one go. Maybe because I know, if I put it away, it never gets done. Having to work on our house all the time, left me with insufficient scrapping time by my old standards. However not documenting our/Damien's life left me extremely unhappy. So now I just decided to get some layouts done about special events, that I want to keepsake, no matter what the layout looks like. After all if Damien looks at his scrapbook in 20 years, he is not going not comment on the perfect placement of a ribbon or if the paper matches his t-shirt. He is going to read the journaling, look at the photos, and hopefully the memories will put a smile on his face.

The occasion for this layout was the first sleepover by Damien's best friend, Leo. Damien got a big boy bed last week (it was on sale at IKEA), so for the first time there was enough room for Leo. They were both so enjoying each others company, and it was nice to not have Damien call "moooommmmmmyyyyy" all day long.
For the layout I used Gina's fabulous new collection Delightful. I loooove the papers in this set. You can buy this huge collection here. It is also available seperately.
Here is my layout. I am not to happy with the title alpa I made, but what the heck, it is finished and I will use the next hour I have for another layout.
Credits: Template 47 by YinDesigns available at; Delightful collection by Gina Marie Huff & Danielle Moore available at; Hand Stamped Alpha by Michelle Coleman available at; fonts: Ariel Black and Ma Simple Pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Damien is such a grown up boy now! I know how you feel not scrapping for awhile, it's always in the back of your mind and you feel guilty even (especially when your busy collecting freebies and don't actually use them!) The layout is great and will give your son happy memories in the future.

Anonymous said...

I think its a Great Layout, with great pictures & they'll be great memories to look back on. Don't you love Yin Design Templates? So true...there is never enough hours in the day. By the way thanks so much for all the searches you do. We all sure appreciate your hard work!

DonnaMo said...

Your pages look GREAT! I've got the same problem that you described. I've got several mini-books half done, plus all of my dd's pages. I have too little time and too much perfectionism!

I'm proud of you that you broke your curse! Keep it up!

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

Thank you a million times! I have been searching for a cork paper and have hod no luck until I saw your layout today. Woohoo! I "ran" right over to pick up the paper pack.

And by the way, I like your title!

Leah said...

I love your LO and all of your freebies! Is there a way that I can subscribe to your blog? I don't want to miss anything!! :)
Thank you!

HelenClyde said...

Congratulations, your page is so cool! And of course Damien will like it, at least my girls do love their annual books very much and take them to school and kindergarten and show off with them - that makes me quite proud :-)
That quick scrapping is the way I usual do my layouts, otherwise I wouldn´t manage doing annual books with between 60 and 80 pages for each of my kids plus our vacation albums plus minialbums... I need to be a speed scrapper... And it still works, because most people don´t think a lot about the use of ribbons, too :-)
See you,

StarWarsFans said...

Congrats on finishing a layout! Glad you broke the curse. And thank you, thank you, thank you for the reminder about why we really scrap. What you said about Damien not caring about ribbon placement was what I needed to hear. It's more important that I scrap for my son's memories, and not my obsession with perfection. So thanks!

Anonymous said...

Well, I think it is a fabulous layout! Of course, you have to check out our family website to see why (I used the same background and the same Yin template - very altered).

Yin said...

Well, I'm so honored you used one of the templates to help break the curse!! :) You're so right about how we must focus on why we scrap and not about how perfect the page too, sometimes I have to just tell myself to STOP tweaking the layout already. Damien has grown!! How very nice to have a first sleepover.. you're right to have scrapped it!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Angie - you ROCKED it with the layout of Damien an his NEW big boy IKEA bed!!!

LOVE Yin's template and I cannot agree more about scrapping those PRECIOUS memories without always worrying about the details. I am SO detail-oriented by nature and I have to pull the reins tightly on myself time and again so as to get my photos in albums as opposed to all of the details!

LOVE the colors in Damien's room and I am sure that he is LOVIN' it!

Have a GREAT week ahead sweetie!

Linda :)