Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday’s Freebies

Damien stayed this weekend with Chris’ parents and Chris and I finally tackled the living room. I can now proudly say our living room is painted and cleaned. Now we can start to put our furniture together and install the drapes, lighting, paintings, etc. If we do a bit every day after work, we should be finished by the end of the week. I’m so looking forward to putting up our bookcases and unpacking my books. And then finally the TV will be moved from our bedroom to the living room. I can’t wait till that happens. I can’t even describe how much I hate the TV in the bedroom. We only put it up so Damien could watch a cartoon every now and then. I never watch TV there. Besides there are better things to do in the bedroom than watch TV ;-)
Here is what we’ve done so far.
livingroom wallCredits: frame 1 from Small Packages - Frames 10 by [ksharonkdesigns] available at 
With a bit of luck I can show you some “finished” photos on Easter.
Have a great week
Cheers, Angie aka IkeaGoddess


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Quietangelsb said...

Thanks Angie for another week of fabulous freebies. Looks like you're making tons of progress on the room- almost there! Have a great week!

Janet said...

How exciting to be making more progress on your home. Can't wait to see more finished photos.

cmc said...

Thank you so much for your daily posts!! You are an inspiration :)

FLmom26 said...

Hi. I was hoping I could be added to your great list of freebies. I have a mini for the FPD design challenge. It is here:

Toni said...

Angie, I love the colour you have chosen for your loungeroom! I moved into a (rented) house with pumpkin orange walls and painted it all in a colour that looks similar to yours, I love it!
Can't wait to see what you have done by the end of the week!!

JamWest1007 said...

Your living room is looking fantastic, Angie! It must feel so good to have it coming together. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Thanks for another great week of freebies!

Sue said...

What a fun photo! I bet it feels good to get your house arranged the way you want.

Thanks for finding all the freebies! :)

Tracy Blankenship said...

long time no coming over to say hi, give you love etc etc. so glad you are getting to work on the house...we are doing that too. sure makes you feel good, no?? want more pics of the house woman! just wanted to give you a smooch! xoxoo

Shrkmom said...

Wow! What a cool blog..I've just found it today. Thank you for doing this, it's nice to have part of the work done for me:) I'm a fellow scrapper and designer, feel free to check out my blog w/freebies.

Emily F. said...

I've started a new challenge at SOTB and you can get a free 2-page template at:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another wonderful pile-o-freebies! You must be thrilled to be closing in on your room remodel - such a sense of accomplishment! Congrats!


Anonymous said...

Love your floor!!!
Gon - Netherlands