Wednesday, January 14, 2015

13/365 2015

A selfie of me with my hot new Suzy Glam eyewear.

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Anonymous said...

Hello dear heart and welcome back to the blogasphere. I was so surprised to find you back after all these years. Funny I still had you in my blog reader from when I use to eagerly await your freebie digital posts. I just checked, hooley dooely it was like 2009 since you were last here. I still do some digital scrapping from time to time and as it has been some 10 years now since I first started scrapping this way, I have overwhelmingly huge stash accumulated of digital supplies which I still love love love! So many thank to you. :)
Looks like you are doing a photo day... good on you! I have been doing this myself since 2009 and whilst I may not always scrap, journal or keep a dairy the daily practise of taking at least one photo a day, is a wonderful way to capture our daily lives.
You look wonderful.. and my how your boy has grown!
Great to see you back xxox Deb