Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday's freebies

Melissa has a template on her blog.
Wendy has a template on her blog.
Rose has a template on her blog.
Mrs. Wresh has a template on her blog.
Aaron has a template on his blog.
Sarah has a template on her blog.

Kits & Stuff:
Lisa has a Ticket 2 My Heart quick page here.
Faith has a Baby Grunge paper pack on her blog.
Tracy has stitches on her blog.
Cora has part 5 of her Rock Me kit on her blog.
Pamela has frames on her blog.
Janosch has smudgy painted papers on her blog.

Kim B has a Father And Son mini-kit on her blog.
Lindsay Jane has a Here Comes The Sun mini-kit on her blog.
Misty has a Happy Thoughts sampler on her blog.
Heather has a sloppy grunge overlay on her blog.
Seebee has her Ink Swirl alpha on her blog again.
Maryse has the upper case of her stitched leather alpha on her blog.


Yin said...

Thank you for your daily lists! I've greatly benefited from your hard work! I have put up a template on my blog, would you consider listing it? Thank you!

Faith said...

Thanks Ikea,

You're such a sweetheart to put up my freebie for 3 days in a row! That really means you REALLY like my designs.... Awww, that made me melt. I wish other people in the digi-scrap world are as nice as you. You make it better for the rest of us newbies! THanks a lot again...

sharingcreations said...

I couldn't find an email for you so can I give you my freebie link here?
I appreciate your list and the freebies you yourself share.
I have another free template to share.
Thank you

lori said...

My friend told me about a wonderful blog with many freebies.

Thanks for all your work!

olga9999 said...

Fantastic selection of freebies, thanks so much for the list and best wishes. :O)

Andrea said...

Thanks so much for this list today! House hunting can make you crazy sometimes! I hope it goes well for you!