Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Template Tuesday and other goodies

Well, technically it's already Wednesday here, but I just got home from work. Didn't get much done at work either. All I can think about is our house... I'm gonna be such a pain to live with, poor Christian. We have our appointment for the notarization on the 10th and will probably be able to get the keys by October 1st, if the tenant gets out on time. I'm actually looking forward to renovating the house. Well not so much the work that has to be done, but the planning, and best of all the results. Anyway, enough of my jabbering about our house, here is what I found tonight:

Kits & Stuff: (thanks Muka :-))


Gini aka "MsGini" said...

Ok, I have to start by saying that I've been enjoying the banter between you and Mrs. Wresh! I never knew that a stalker could be so much fun!

I've also loved being on your list and having the oodles of people coming through my blog when they find my previews here - thanks SO much for sending them over!

Caylynn said...

Thank you for the fabulous list. :) I am new to digi-scrapping and I'm amazed at the generosity of all the people providing freebies. :)

olga9999 said...

Thanks so much for the list it's fantastic the selection of freebies. :)

I guess the new house is going to be wonderful and surely you are going to enjoy decorating it and doing all the planning and all those trips to IKEA LOL. And I hope you have lots of fun doing it.:)

Best wishes. :O)

Peggy said...

Thanks for the list !!

Anonymous said...

Hey sista - did you get the email about my house warming gift??? :)