Monday, November 05, 2007

New W&W layout and challenge at the Meadow

Here is the layout I did for my new challenge at the Meadow:
Credits: Warming Heart kit by Heidi Williams available at; cardboard heart from Showing Love by Heidi Williams; wildtear action by AtomicCupcake; fonts: Dominican, Joyful Juliana.

If you participate in the challenge you will receive this participation gift:
Hope I got you interested. Check out the details at the Meadow. Looking forward to seeing your layout for the challenge soon.

Cheers, Angie aka IkeaGoddess


Barb W said...

You just had to entice me...again! It was with you that I entered my very FIRST challenge. And now here we are again...guess I'd better get over to The Meadow and check out that challenge. I love the calendar, you did an AWESOME job on it and of course the fabulous Weeds and Wildflowers products just make it all the better! Thanks for hosting!

Anonymous said...

I really liked your recent layout, but was dismayed to see that you had spelled a word in your layout incorrectly. It should read "me and my helmet, not helmut"!!

Leslie said...

What incentive!!! Your helping us scrapper scrap!
Tks for posting your lo's,
freebies and challenges!


IkeaGoddess said...

@ Anonymus
Actually that is the joke: my kid is being raised bi-lingual and he mixes up a lot of words. In English the word is helmet, in German it's Helm. However there is a German name that is Helmut, so that is what Damien calls his helmet ;-)

Rona said...

awesome challenge! Off I go to get the kit! :) I really MUST have that gorgeous calendar you made!

Roberta said...

I love all of this!!!
Everything here is very cute!!

Kisses, Beta

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Hi there! We are offering free card template downloads this week at Everyday Digital Scrapbooking.


Kim B said...

hee hee- Love the helmet story-! Great LO Angie! Thanks for the mentions and I hope you have a great week further!

kristin hasson said...

What a great challenge and incentive. Wasn't even upset that I had to purchase the kit to play along. I love WW and Heidi's kits rock. I haven't been disappointed in any of them. Hope to do a layout later tonight. Your calendar is GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Lovely way to make us scrap - love the kits at ww - will definetly take part in this challenge

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