Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm a slacker

I didn't get around to looking for freebies again today. After getting Damien to bed, I finished up a giveaway for the 12 days event over at the Meadow. Leave a comment and tell us your christmas wish and you could win this:And that is not the only prize... Check it out and don't forget to download today's beautiful quickpage.


Kimberly Lynne Rohn Wresh said...

Girl you are no slacker! It's the holidays...feel free to take some guilt free time off! :)

Lor said...

Oh yes, we all need a break from the norm! I luv the kit you finished up; it's so fun and adorable! (Headn' over to The Meadow!) Thank you! :)

bbessho said...

Thank you so much for all you do, don't you feel one bit guilty about "slacking" every now and then! :)

My Christmas wish this year is for my family to celebrate and enjoy the real meaning of Christmas and for them to realize just how lucky and blessed we truly are.

Wishing you and your family joy and happiness for a wonderful holiday season.


Tori said...

My wish is to have a whole day together as a family

SAHM said...

Okay, I have to tease you - slacker! Ha, don't worry about it - honestly. The "check out Weeds and Wildflowers" is enough for me right now. :-) Thanks again for your hard searching.

missy said...

I love the mini album! Thank you for your freebie hunting ... it's great!

My Christmas Wish is that everyone will have better health in the coming year and that I will get some time to do more digital scrapping ... I just started in November!

Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you.


Anonymous said...

Zeit fehlt ... das kennen wir gerade im Dezember. Mir geht es leider genauso.
Also laß es ruhig angehen!!!!
Wünsche dir und deiner Familie noch eine schöne Adventszeit!!!!!


Christie K said...

My Christmas wish is for my mom. I hope she finds peace this Christmas, the first since the passing of my father and her dearly loved husband.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing!
My Christmas wish is for some WORLDWIDE enlightenment on how self destructive we are as a species, and refocus on how God has given us the tools to be giving, fruitful and faithful beings. This is the season to draw attention to the goodness in ourselves and others. Don't look for the flaws in others and mark them your enemy, but rather walk in patience and view others with grace in your heart.-Sandy in Silt, Colorado