Monday, December 17, 2007

Manic Monday's Magnificent Freebies


Kits and other stuff:

Weeds & Wildflowers:


Unknown said...

Thanks for making this list!!

Anonymous said...

As always, thanks for taking your time to do this!

Anonymous said...

You are so quiet, so let us know what is happening in the work on your house. Have you updated your house blog?

Unknown said...

Thaks for the amazing freebies, I have one in my blog I hope you like it!

AneczkaW said...

Great list .Thank you !

Scrapping Away said...

Thanks so much for adding my Candy Canes to your page today! It was fun to see so many folks stopping by! I decided to put the template for the Candy Canes up today if you want to come and peek! (Like there weren't enough colors?!) Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

i have now freebies in my blog!

Peggy said...

Thank you for today's list I have a new little kit on my blog I hope you'll like it !

lisbonlioness said...

Jippiiiie, danke für's Aufnehmen meiner Frostbeulen in Deine Liste!

Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie wunderschöne Weihnachten im neuen Haus.


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hi Angie!!!

This is my VERY first visit to your FABULOUS blog darlin' and it is ... WOW! I had FUN reading a bit about you and would you believe that I've NEVER yet been to an IKEA store??? Oh my ... I think my home would look like yours if I ever dare visit and then I would be looking at all of that GORGEOUS stuff in a tent because I would no longer be able to afford the home I've SO lovingly decorated!!! LOL!

I would like to thank you SO much for listing my freebies on your blog. I just happened to see someone on my blog and noticed that they came from here so I just had to follow to say, "THANK YOU"!!! I know you go to A LOT of work to be able to provide everyone with such an INCREDIBLE list of FREEBIES everyday! You ROCK darlin'!!!

I wish you, DH and Damien a VERY Merry Christmas and a HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year!

Linda :)