Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday's freebies

I am feeling better again and went back to work today. I am working the late shift, so I looked after Damien and his best-friend Leo this morning. Compliments of Verdi, a German worker's union which is letting all daycare and kindergarten employees strike. I hope they get their pay raise soon. I do have to say that the guys were really good together, a lot better than expected. When we move to the house, I think we will try a sleep-over.

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my2boys said...

Glad you are feeling good...yuck on the strike. how frustrating for your side...hope it ends soon. Glad the kiddos got along...I always slightly cringe when we have friends over...and it usually goes better than I expect. Big hugs girlie. Thanks for the finds and you did an awesome layout!

Anonymous said...

So good you are feeling better. Thanks much!


KristiYaYa said...

So very happy to hear that you are feeling better!!! I pray that the child care workers are given their raises! There isn't enough money on earth to pay care givers or teachers! Thank you Ang, for all you do!!!! God bless you!

Jan said...

Thank you. I have a free QP on my