Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Madness Freebies part 1

I have the graveyard shift at work, so my post will be a later than usual.
Here is a little teaser while you wait for more:

Shandy has a template on her blog.
Kate has a 8x10 template on her blog.
Andrea has a template on her blog.
Sammie has a Goodie Bag on her blog.
Chickypow has a South Beach Flower Update on her blog.
Shawna has Graffiti Grunge on her blog.


LonnaKay said...

Thanks for al you do for us every single day! You rock girlfriend! Just just rock!

Linda aka Xntrik Echo said...

Thanks again for all the time you spend finding such wonderful freebies... and thank you too for posting our Artsy Fartsy Scrap Emporium blog on your site ( ) with my Xntrik's Trunk kit featured. I have a new kit up now called Xntrik's Arizona Spring. i would love to have you check it out on our blog. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy your site.

jennieb75 said...

Thanks for always taking the time to post these freebies... they are certainly appreciated!!!

Shandy said...

a little teaser in deed!! :)
thanks for the link and for all your time invested in the daily freebies!
have fun on your shift!

olga9999 said...

Thanks so much for all the links to freebies you put in the list every day, it's great, and it's incredible the way you manage to find all these blogs with such a wonderful goodies. :)

Thanks again and best wishes. :o)