Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tuesday's freebies

Tuesday's freebies or should I better say Wednesday...just got home from work. Today was one of those days that was sent straight from hell. But it sure is good to be home. I walked in the door way after midnight and my sweetie waited up for me with a hug and a great quiche and salad. He sure knows how to make me feel good again.
So here are the belated freebies:
Carla has a template on her blog.
Tracy has a template on her blog.
Jaana has a template on her blog.
Ruby has a Q template on her blog.

Kits & Stuff:
Amanda has an Unconditional kit on her blog.
Dunia has Love word art on her blog.
Bob has a Dated freebie on her blog.
Manu has a Sweetness of Life add-on on her blog.
Doris has a Dust & Dawn set on her blog.
Fantacy has a Two Moons add-on on her blog.

There is more, but I am just too tired to post them right now. I'll post them tomorrow morning after I bring Damien to day-care.


SAHM said...

Ikea - get some sleep. Don't worry about us - take care of you and we can wait 'til tomorrow - no worries! You've got a keeper of a sweetie there. ;-)

Debra said...

Thank you for all the efforts you go to in producing your wonderful blog - but please, take time to look after yourself (and your wonderful man).
We appreciate your efforts but don't wear yourself out in the process.

Amy W. said...

Eh, you're crazy. Just send them my way and get some snoozing done. And I'm glad you like my avatar, it always makes me giggle when I see it.
Thanks for stopping by the blog. I actually left Emma at VBS by herself tonight and I think I was doing worse than she did.They grow so big, so quick.

MiKiko said...

Thanks for taking the time.

Muka said...

aww, you shouldn't have! while of course I appreciate the list I have to agree with Debra: forget about us and go to bed, girl!! I sincerely hope you are not reading this until after you've had a good night's rest... that's the best thing you could do for us, and yourself and your boyfriend, too! what a great guy you have - he sounds just as sweet as you must be - now go to bed!! gute nacht! :) xoxo

mm said...

Such a lucky lady to have a great sweetie like that. I have one too and really appreciate it. Take care and thanks for the list.

Natira said...

thanks so much for all the effort you take into making this blog. I come here EVERYDAY. Your on my RSS feed. I'm new to digital scrapping and this has taken me to other great scrappers pages.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for even taking the time to post a few! So generous of you after the day you had!!! Hope tomorrow is better for you! BettyJoR

Pillowgirl said...

Girl, I have found myself starting to get addicted to Ikea too. They just opened one in my town and now I am going nuts wanting to buy EVERYTHING! Just thought I would pop by and tell ya hehe

I have a big paper pack on my blog for everyone today if you are interested.

Adee said...

thank you so much for all the effort you put into your blog... but get some sleep! we can't afford for you to burn out on us!

Mara said...

how could you be so crazy, just go and sleep, give some kisses to your great husband, we will be there next morning for sure, thank you for the list, it is big enough

Kim Broedelet said...

Hell Ikea- get some rest girl! As for "your man" How great is that!!! Mine cooked last night too- LOL.. Hope you have a more peaceful day..

Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

Once again it makes me feel so great to be listed amongst so many designers whom i have loved for over a year! ty ty ty for your time, effort, and dedication! and for making even us "newbies" & Hillbillies feel like we are special!
I love coming here for links esp to templates! I just got on the team at SBB so I don't have as much creative time as I did, and what time i do have I am working on stuff for there or for my blog, so templates are about the only way i can scrap at the moment!!! thanks for taking the guess work out of it for me!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your work :)