Friday, September 28, 2007


I'm sooo happy it's Friday and I'm off work this weekend. It's been a long week. Damien was sick with a cold accompanied by fever, so my sweetie and I took turns taking off work to look after him. Now if I'm not at work for two days, it means the double amount on the next day. As you can imagine sleep was a luxury item this week. Damien is feeling better again, though I'm not sure about my sanity after watching Cars every day this week. I don't know how your toddlers are with their favorite movie, but this household's toddler wants to memorize every single part of the movie. It used to be Curious George (my sweetie and I sometimes actually act dialogs of the movie just for the fun of it and because we can or we're just plain crazy) and now its Cars. He is nuts about the tractor tippin' scene. It's not like he doesn't have 20 other movies to choose from. Usually he is only allowed 15 min of TV time a day, but being sick and all, he got to watch a movie a day. Of course it was Cars - every single day. Argghhhhh

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The AZ McMillans said...

Ohhh, my toddler is the same way with his movies. Right now its a Thomas movie. Some days I'd give anything just to put in any other Thomas movie, but it's got to be this one. He has it memorized! He's not even three and he quotes it. I hope your little one is feeling better and you have a great weekend! Thanks for searching for the freebies for us. You are awesome!

Gabi Butcher said...

Rebeca loves the Backyardigans... and it's not once or twice... she watches it over and over and over... thang god she can only watch tv for 30 minutes or so... but the 3 episodes she has from BY is knwn by heart here... she does have other dvd's but this one is a hit...
Thanks for the list!


lisalisa said...

Oh man, Thank God for DVRs! We go from one obsession to another. At least it's not the Wiggles anymore!! :)

Thanks for the freebies!

Emi from Argentina said...

Hahaha! I love to hear this, it makes me feel like I am not alone! My 3-years-old does exactly the same thing, we went through the Cars phase last year. Lately, it has been The Polar Express. Sometimes I spend the entire day hearing the songs inside my head over and over (and sometimes I find myself singing out loud...Hahaha)
Thanks for the list.

Neverland Scraps said...

Thank you SO much for posting my template. What an honor it is to be on your blog.

I wanted to let your readers know that I was able to fix the red X that was taking over the images. It was a blogger error that is now corrected!

Also about the obsession of watching a movie over and over and over again. Mine when I was a little girl was Wizard of Oz! Imagine sitting through that daily like my mom did. I think I watched it every day that I was in kindergarten! :D

Oh to be young again and to watch something like that!

Trisha said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful list!

Melanie said...

My boys love Cars, too! My favorite line? When Mater says "To NOT to!" when he's asked what he was told about talking to the prisoner. It's a cute movie but I agree that it can get old very fast when you have to watch it over and over and over... Their latest obsession is anything related to Star Wars so believe me--it could be worse!

Thanks for the link to my freebie! :)


~Steph said...

Incredibles & Madagascar here... I can quote you the whole script of both movies!
Thanks for listing me today!
Have a great weekend!

jmn said...

i'm glad you're little one is feeling better - i'm doing the same thing over here in schweinfurt (well, with liquid poop and puking). i help my son "pick it" when it comes to movie time so we don't have that problem. he can watch a movie twice in a row (meaning it hasn't come out of the dvd player, not that he's in front of the tv that long) and then we pick a different one. the only fight is getting diego out.

and thanks for still doing the lists with that going on!

Anonymous said...

Hi.Thank you for a great list full of wonderful designers.My little boy loves that film too since christmas and still watching it.I know it all of by heart too.It was his birthday and got the cake with the car on it and the plates,cups,table cloth all on the cars film.
Wish you a good week-end.And hope your little boy better.Hugs Lorri

olga9999 said...

For the comments I have read it seems you are not the only mother "tortured" by her child to watch over and over again the same movie or program in the TV. LOL
I hope Damien is feeling better and and sorry that he felt so bad this week. :(

Thanks so much for the selection of freebies and have a great weekend. :O)

Best wishes. :O)

Melberry said...

WOW! What a very pleasant surprise to see that I finally made your list. I'm definitely honored, no doubt about it. Thanks so much for including me, and for all the hard work you do to come up with such terrific gifts for all of us. Hope your day is terrific. Melanie