Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday’s Freebies

after my late shift I sort of stumbled upon True Blood tonight. I was reading how the Season2 opener got huge ratings and became interested. After I found out that it was from Alan Ball, I just had to watch it. I loved 6 Feet Under. Yes, I have a sick morbid sense of humor. Black humor never disappoints me. Anyhow, I started with season1, ep 1 and was hooked after the intro. The intro is, just like that of 6 Feet Under, awesome. And it plays in Louisiana and has vampires. What more could I ask for? I bet I’ll be through with the first season before the weekend has ended. Needless to say, I totally forgot I was looking for freebies… So there is just a small selection today. I’ll be back with more tomorrow.
Cheers, Angie aka IkeaGoddess

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Btw, here is a great introduction to something I could simply not live without – Google reader. So if you don’t use it or know what it is, check this out and make your life so much easier:


Wendy said...

lol...Woman I think you need a break from blog deserve it!! Enjoy your weekend with your new show...

Kathleen S said...

You should check out the Charlaine Harris books that the show is based upon. They are awesome. I think that you might really enjoy them. This second season of True Blood is based on "Living Dead in Dallas", Book 2 of series. Enjoy!

Babybear Scraps said...

after you watch season 1, you should read the books too. They're awesome.

Babybear Scraps said...

lol, jinx to Kathleen S

Jen M said...

It's a TV show??!! I thought it was another book series, so I never looked into it! I'm SO interested now! Off to see what it's all about :D

And as always - HUGE thank you for the freebie search!! :D

XOXO!! ~Jen

JoAnn Stringer said...

I'm a HUGE fan of True Blood -- I've watched every episode of Season 1 at least twice. Tons of blogs out there too. Try this one -- she updates numerous times per day.

I've read 3 of the books, but I like the show better. There seems to be two camps -- the book camp and the TV show camp!


Anonymous said...

I love this show too! I never did read the books but they get great reviews. I really enjoyed reading Lara Adrian's vampire books... awsome stories! Enjoy!

Gina said...

I loved 6 ft under too. I would always rent them at the movie store where we lived in Germany and the lady would look at me crazy when I would come back in 2 days to get the next season. I haven't seen the you are talking about.. i should look into it :) thanks for sharing the finds.

Anonymous said...

You should definitely check out the books! I just finished #9. They are really easy to read too, which I liked, I finished the last book in like 10 hours(that's with taking care of my kids lol)

Binty said...

Hi ! thanks for today's freebies and intro to this show .. will definitely be seeing it. :).
Also I have a freebie on my blog today, its a template, please do check it out. Wish u a fun weekend :)..

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Awww Angie love, I'm SO glad to hear that you are pursuing your passion for what YOU love darlin'!!! It is REALLY nice to take that MUCH needed break on occasion and to change things up a bit, eh?

I think I've sort of been doing that myself in my being reunited with three LONG lost cousins this past week!!! SO, I wish to apologize for taking SO long to get over here to thank you SO very much for such a LOVELY birthday greeting! You are FAR too kind!

Thank you, thank you for ALL goodies SO selflessly found and posted. I chuckle when you say little, which to me is still A LOT!!!

ENJOY the rest of your viewing of season one darlin'!!!

Linda :-D

jillconyers said...

I just started True Blood Season 1 to catch up from the beginning. Love it!

charlie said...

Hvae you read any of the Anne Rice books..Interview with a vampire etc?If you have what did you think of them?

Jenny said...

True Blood is awesome!! My favorite show, for sure. The books are great, too; that's how I got started on the TV series. Give the books a try if you can, because I think you'd like them. :)

Anonymous said...

I just discovered true blook las week and I love it too! edgy and a bit creepy, have fun watching!

The Johnson's said...

I too am a lover of Google Reader. I couldn't live without it!!! I hope more people start to use it!!

Thanks so much for all your hard work.

absees123s said...
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absees123s said...

OH MY GOSH!! You will LOVE True Blood. I had too wait six months for the second season after I became addicted. I'm on book 6 of 9 and they are unbelievable as well! I loved Twilight, but as they say "I'd rather be Sookie than Bella", lol.

I don't always comment and say thanks for all you do, so thank you...I appreciate these freebies and look forward to reading your blog each day! (I'm a Kindergarten teacher... and your son is precious)


PS..I deleted the previous comment and corrected two spelling errors I made..sheesh..what can I say..we're on summer vacation, lol!

Kimi said...

Thanks for listing my freebie, Angie!!

By the way, (this is random) I saw the Star Trek movie two weeks ago, and absolutely HAD to start watching the original series on Netflix (I'm hoping to be caught up on backstory by the time the movie comes out on DVD). Every time I see Kirk running around, I have to giggle because your comment about him sucking in his tummy is going through my head. XD

HelenClyde said...

I never heard about it as we don´t have a TV, but it sounded quite intresting, and because I now follow your blog more than two years I learned to trust your taste, so I got the first book on amazon today. I´m so looking forward to finding something to be as fascinating as twilight :-)

Lukasin said...

Yep, that is a great show!!!!

Have a blast watching it (can't wait for the second season)


Erin said...

Angie, you should read the books! I picked them up directly after reading Twilight, and although they are different, I enjoyed them nearly as much. There are a lot of books (I think she's up to 9) so it'll give you something to do for a while. However, note that the show has, in my opinion, really diverted from the books, which I enjoyed more, though I love the series.

denise:) said...

You're so forgiven! My coworker and i were JUST TALKING about our black/morbid humor tastes- we both loved 6 Feet Under.

I haven't seen this series yet, but your post reminded me!! Thanks!!

Melanie Butler said...

I just saw an episode of True Blood on HBO today. It was so good. It's really got a good story, love story, cast, and it's a lot of fun. It was really interesting and I was captivated the whole time. Normally I can't sit still to watch a show but this one made me sit still. Thanks for mentioning it so I checked it out. Now I'm on a mission for the dvd's and the books. Have a good day!! Melanie

Lynette said...

Thank you so much for listing my freebies in the past. Lately I am not sure you have been listing them and wonder if there is a problem? Please let me know as I REALLY appreciate you listing my gifts so more people can enjoy them! Everyone comes to your great blog!
Hope you have a great day!