Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday’s freebies

I have broken the spell and finally scrapped. And my first layout without a photo too. That is something I wanted to try for a long time, but I was lacking a topic. Still being in bed, and my books not arriving till in the afternoon, I started to read Twilight forums this morning. With the New Moon trailer out, the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob discussion is everywhere. That got me thinking – et voilà: my layout… Which makes me curious, what team are you on?

Credits: black paper with sparkle blood, sparkle heart from Edward mini kit by Ellie Lash available at; pawprints from Jacob mini kit by Ellie Lash available at; team jacob flair, team edward flair from Twilight Flair mini kit by Ellie Lash available at; stitches, love tag, feather, heart ribbon, leaves, black glitter swirl from Perfect Moment by Kafrounette available at; fold template 1 from Scrap Easy 4 by Vera Lim available at; red glitter frame from Jolly Holiday by Gina Marie Huff available at; red paper from Loving You by Gina Marie Huff available at; cardboard love paper from Hugs & Kisses by Gina Marie Huff available at; fonts: Twilight and Palatino Linotype.

The main components are from freebie kits. Thank you Ellie and Kafrounette.

And now for today’s freebies…



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Nicole said...

Your layout is awesome. Such a hard choice to make between Edward & Jacob!! There are good & bad to both of them, but I consider myself to be Team Jacob. His sense of humor gets me all the time :)

Anne said...

I think I'm with you there on Jacob. I always tend to go for the underdog though (no pun intended - lol). Not to mention, how hot is he in the movie?!?

Julie (It is.) said...

I love your layout - Jacob annoys the hell out of me in the early books, but your explanation was great, and for the first time I see your point... I guess I'm still all about the angst, though ;)

Samantha said...

LOVE your layout! I might try one myself.

There was a time when I was swaying over to Jacob's side. But having read all of the books I am still Team Edward all the way.

However, there are two scenarios to consider....if you are mortal or immortal. I was to remain human, I would definitely choose Jacob since he is also human. But if I had a choice, I would choose immortality and EDWARD. He's so nurturing, protective, a natural-born leader. LOVE everything about him.

Angie, you say that your fave books are vampire stories...which others are on the top of your list?

Amanda said...

Ok so I have a funny position! When I read the books I am TOTALLY Team Edward! But the 1 time I saw the terrible movie that did not do the book justice I was Team Jacob! I cannot stand Robert! He will always be Cedric!

The hardest difference I had between the two was at the begining during the car accident, I urge you to reread chapter 3 then watch the movie, there is no justice!

(I'm done ranting) I thought the character choices were poor but I still love the books!

But you may be interested in this site its a scrapbooking site that hosts challenges based on Twilight!
Here is a site for a free kit for Jacob fans

I know I have more Twilight inspired kits and links somewhere :) I'll see if I can find them!

kay said...

I am a complete Team Jacob. I love a tall, dark and strong man. Pale was never my thing and I prefer warm blooded. Since I actually read New Moon before reading Twilight, I think Jacob has always stuck with me and I will always find Edward just a tad bit annoying. Great LO! And btw, thank you for the Flight of the Concords clips. Funnnnnyyy!!!!

Allison said...

thanks for today's list, and thanks even more for listing my QP in yesterday's list! I'm flattered to be in such good company.

almaalum said...

I love your layout. I am supposed to be doing a layout for a young friend who had her picture taken with Taylor (Jacob) when he was here in Michigan for the midnight launch of Breaking Dawn. You have inspired to get busy putting this together for her!

Jacinda said...

Your layout is fantastic! Love the journalling, and the way you presented it is awesome. I have yet to read or see Twilight, so can't comment on which team I would choose, but I like your explanation, and by the sounds of it would lean in much the same direction as you.

Danyale said...

Love non pic layouts too, and no matter the reason...they do take more time and effort.......side-note team Edward...Jacob has issues we don't even know about yet...hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Have to say thank-you for introducing me to Twilight, saw it a week ago and I'm reading Breaking Dawn now - so good! Anyways, I'm still Team Edward.


Ellie said...

Thanks so much for scrapping with my stuff! Your layout is awesome!

I go back and forth on whose team I'm on. I really love Edward, but I think in the end I'm Team Jacob. Hard choice! lol

marieta said...

no contest! edward all the way!!

Rose said...

I am Twilight obsessed, I can't get enough! I am totally Team Edward though. The way he loves her so totally, and has waited for her, and the fact that he loves her enough to let her go...and Jacob forces that kiss on Bella in Eclipse, man Edward would NEVER have done that, even if he was human. Too many reasons to love Edward. Not that Jacob doesn't have his place hehe. Love your layout!

HelenClyde said...

Team Jacob here. When I was 15, 16 years old I was really crazy about the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles, Lestat had a similar fascination on me as, I suppose, Edward has today on most women, and of course I´ve got a pale husband who had, when I met him at least, long blond hair :-)

But when I first read Twilight, Edward did really annoy me with his overprotectiveness, I´m a woman much too strong for myself to like someone who´s carrying his girlfriend most of the time or who kidnaps her, so she can´t see her friend - that realy sounded to me like the bullying, terrifying type of man. And Jacob was just so much more realistic with his tempers, I could´nt resist loving him.

However, when the movie came out, I absolutely loved how Rob played the Edward-Character. I loved how he gave the dialogs a whole different character with his wity smile, he made it all seem a little ironic, less earnest and boring to me, and he looks - well - amazing... so maybe I´m Team Jacob for the books and Tem Edward for the movie?

And then, after reading the books about 10 times each now, I also start liking Edward more, because I see that Steph Meyer was in love with him a lot, and that influences my decision, too. And I get used to his strange behaviour, it doesn´t bother me so much as it did in the beginning, because my view on independent women slightly changed through this book :-)

Yeah, maybe I love them both a lot. Tha´t why fire and ice is my favourite chapter, too. And That was a really long comment :-)

One more thing to say: Thanks for listing me again!

Jessica said...

Thanks, Angie! I visit your blog daily but don't often enough tell you that your posts are the highlight of my day - the freebies being the bonus! ;) Take care!

Mrs. G said...

Hi Angie, I have made a new 'Mesh'
Alpha in Blue, cream and stone... You can find it at: happy days, Mrs.G

Confessions of a Modern June said...

I loved your LO! I am team edward but my second time around reading the series I really found a new understanding of jacob...great LO!

Yin said...

Angie, love your layout and the journalling!!

Melissa said...

Your layout is great!

Dani said...

Go Team Edward!!!
Love your layout, so great! Have you checked out yet?

Dani said...

Go Team Edward!!!
Love your layout, so great! Have you checked out yet?

tina said...

Edward all the way!