Saturday, October 03, 2009

Freebie Friday

TGIF, finally :-)
Have a fun weekend :-)





Alphas & Wordart:

Kits & more:




JamWest1007 said...

Thanks so much for all the freebie links, Angie. You always come up with such great goodies for all of us. You ROCK! :-)

Kristine ♥ said...

Have a great weekend Angie!!!!

Lau said...

Thank you!!!

Pom said...

Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog. What an honor! I'm so happy right now. :)

Sue said...

More super freebies! Thank you very much! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

ViVa Artistry is: said...

Angie, thanks so much for always putting our freebies on your awesome of you...wanted to point you to our CT member Eryn...her blog has a lot of freebies too!!! And some using our kit!



Anna said...

Hey Angie, my CT has posted a few wonderful QPs today.

Kelly said...

Thanks for all the goodies, Angie. Templates are my personal faves.

listgirl said...

Hi Angie - thanks for finding the best freebies around digi-land! I have a template freebie on my blog today:

Have a great weekend!


Sine said...

Woop woop.. Thanks for posting my template!! :D

Kristin said...

Hi Angie! Thanks so much for listing my freebie! I hope you have a fabulous weekend! :)

Redju said...

Thank you, Angie!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

early template tuesday again :)

dkny said...

oops, i have nothing free to share... not good at scrapping at all... but hey, i can still share my link, no?! btw, i heard from a friend who's working in ikea here in malaysia that billy's birthday is coming!! 10th of oct i think... when's damien's!? anyway, sorry if i didn't read too much of your previous post but you're getting better from the sore throat right?! get well soon!! take care and keep it up!! cheers... btw, guten tag!! ;)