Monday, October 05, 2009

No freebie hunting till tonight

This weekend I spent my evenings reading and writing - and it was soooo relaxing. Well to be honest the reading part was relaxing. The writing part was actually quite difficult. Let me tell you, writing lemons is a lot harder to do than reading them. I also got the rest of my story outlined, so all my goals for the weekend were met. Tonight I'll be back to freebie hunting again ;-)
Have a fun week
Cheers, Angie aka IkeaGoddess


Kristine ♥ said...

Have a good evening Angie!!!!

Gabi Butcher said...

OHHH so glad your weekend was productive... nothing better than to meet your goals!!!
Have a great week!!!
IF you like I have a new freebie:

Tonya said...

I need to grab some of that initiative and get to writing. I haven't dabbled since college. Send some of that spunk across the pond will ya? :) Question for you (and all). I'm new to the digi-scrap world. One of the freebies from the other day was in a RAR file. Waht program do y'all use to open those? Thanks!

Renee said...

Enjoy your evening! Thanks for all the freebies you find for us.

HelenClyde said...

I totally agree writing is much more difficult - but it´s also so much more gratifying! I love giving my characters features of myself and my friends, and I really fell in love with one of my characters, and the imaginary dream world I entered with writing is so much more intense and colorfull. I started writing in March, still only have my 200 pages, but I walk around all year with my head in the clouds :-)))

Anonymous said...

I secretly luv when you get busy and take a night off from freebie listing. I use that time to clean up all those digi gifts and get them burnt to DVD! lol Then I am ready to go again when you are. hahaha

Glad you had a productive weekend Angie.


Arianna said...

You're right, writing smut it's very hard at times:I did it myself a few years ago and outside the spur of the moment when I came back over I always felt a little ludicrous... In the end people seems to like it otherwise, so..good luck!
Ciao, Ari