Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Madness Freebies

Heidi has a 2-page template on her blog.
Jaana has a template on her blog.
Col has a rectangle template on her blog.

Kits & Stuff: has a Riviere Argentee frame cluster on her blog.
Suzanne has a DSP Tiffany font here.
Helene has 4 frames on her blog.
Tammy has a Shabby Birthday paper pack on her blog.
Fantacy has Mamaw's Li'l Revenge girl word art stickers on her blog.
Pamela has an Abby alpha on her blog.

Kari has a Thinking In Purple add-on on her blog.
Kim B has a Pretty Twisted sampler on her blog.
Miss Vivi has part 5 of Home Sweet Home on her blog.
Lindsay Jane has a Summer Heat mini-kit on her blog.
Misty has a High Impact sampler on her blog.
MoonCatcher has a Moon's Image paper pack on her blog.
Lively has a flower sticker on her blog.
Mandy has watercolor splatters on her blog.
Mel has a Summertime Blues add-on on her blog.


Lisa said...

Thanks so much for another wonderful list!!

Denise Umlauf said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful list ! Btw, I have a little freebie on my blog. I hope you like it !

Dora said...

thanks so much..i love your site

Monica said...

thanks, as always! By the way, how's HP going?

debby said...

This was a great list! Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all your work :)

Deanna said...

Thanks for taking the time to make the great list for us! Hope the Harry Potter reading is going well...I'm down to the last 200 to read more

Anonymous said...

thanks again for a great list. check this one out .. the grungy papers are fantastic, am looking forward to the whole kit

olga9999 said...

I was going to ask the same as Monica: "How's the reading going?" I hope you're enjoying it and having a great fun with it. :)

Many thanks for taking some time off the book and prepare the list for us. :) It's really appreciated. The list is great and full of nice freebies. :D

Enjoy the book and best wishes. :O)

Gini aka "MsGini" said...

LOL, are you done with the book by now?! I know that is one of those "just can't put it down" ones, from personal experience!!
I have a Hot Air Balloon Elements freebie on my blog today and a quick question for you... do you prefer getting told about freebies available in email or in the comments section here? (For future reference!) And while I'm at it are you making any kits that we can look forward to on your own list soon?!! Thank you!!!! :-)