Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday's Freebies

Kate has a template on her blog.
Dunia has a template on her blog.
Pamela has a template on her blog.
Jaana has a template on her blog.
Sabine has a template on her blog.
Rachael has a template here.

Kits & Stuff:
Sharon has a Day Trip mini-kit on her blog.
Angela has a Sweetie Pie mini-kit on her blog.
Diana has a doodle frame on her blog.
Moon has 10 family tagplates on her blog.
Julia has a stitched denim alpha on her blog.
Kirsty has a Spicy Curry Splash paper pack on her blog.

I hope the sun is shining as brilliantly wherever you are as it is here. Have a great weekend. everybody.


Scrapmuch said...

thanks - you've found the great stuff again!

Brook said...

I just want to thank you so much for sharing your fins with us! It is like having my own personal shopper. We have som many of the same tastes!

olga9999 said...

Thanks so much for the freebie list, it's great. :)

The layout below is beautiful really nice, and a very sweet photo of Damien. :)

And about the weather, I can only say that it looks winter in Ireland and we've been having a storm with thunders and the whole lot during almost the whole day. :( This is not summer. I hope everyone else is having at least a nice non-raining day. It's the least you can expect in Summer. :(

At least the freebies put a smile on my face for a while. :)

Best wishes. :O)

Coquins et Loupiotte said...

Thanks for the lists.
Have a great week-end :)

MoonCatcher said...

thnx for putting me on the list!!

MiKiko said...

Thank you!!

White-Black said...

i cudnt get about the thing that you are passionate about>
what is this Ikea all about?Scrap me back, and i love to hear about it.

Leda said...

thanks for your list - it makes clicking so much more fun. I appreciate all the time you put into it each day!

md said...

Thanks for the freebie list today (and everyday)! I'm sure your weekends are busy and I really appreciate the time you take out of your day for all of us! Have a great weekend!

Trisha said...

Thank you for another great list! Have a great weekend!

maryse said...

Thank you so much for these precious links !
And the weather was just perfect ! At last, we could play in the swimming-pool !

Melanie said...

Great stuff!

I wanted to let you know that I have an add-on to my Daydreamer kit. You can find it here:

Have a great weekend!

Julie K in Taiwan said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all your work :)

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic list! I appreciate your time and hard work!!