Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today's freebies

I'm having access problems today. My connection is on/off, so I'm not sure I'll be able to post tonight. Be sure to check Amy's and Selena's blogs.


Anonymous said...

I just found this site by accident. I had hoped to find a site like this. IT IS THE BEST.
thanks for the freebies and ideas. I will pass this on.

Lisa said...

Hope your connection problems get resolved soon!!

Anonymous said...

I'm expecting your new happy post!

Roll Family said...

Wow - I love your LO's on your LO site. You've got talent! Thanks for sharing your pages.
Thanks for the tutorial on ribbon wrapping. I'm a newbie - just a few weeks. I appreciate your peppy-ness and excitement for your family and scrapping. Thanks for sharing and doing the freebie hunting. I also have little boy and I can get frustrated that there is so much PINK and girlie elements out there. Maybe that's why they're free . . . :) j/k I greatly appreciate all the freebies I've gotten and used. I love your scrapping style and would love to know how to do more - like cutting custom shapes from papers, what all the tools in PSE can do (I've got a trial of PSE5 and think I'm going to purchase it). Thanks again - you ROCK!

olga9999 said...

Don't worry about posting, the weather is terrible and crazy and lots of people seem to be losing Internet connection. :( Thanks a million for the links to other freebies blogs and just take it easy, sooner or later you will get that back. :)

Enjoy the book and best wishes. :O)