Saturday, July 28, 2007

Super Saturday's Freebies

What did I do today? First of all, I finally finished Harry Potter 7. I took me forever - it was full of suspense and I was really curious as to how it would end, but I was always so tired. However today I just started in the morning and was finished by the afternoon. Damien is at my parent's house in case you're wondering ;-) BTW, I loved the book, it really is a page turner. Then, I did a layout. I have had all these new Weeds & Wildflowers kits sitting on my hard drive just waiting to be used. Look out, more layouts coming... Finally I watched Charlotte's Web. I prewatched it to be sure I could watch it with Damien. He loves spiders and I think he will enjoy the movie just as much as I did. It sure is cute. Now on to what you have all been waiting for - freebies...

Pattie has a template here.
Andrea has a template on her blog.
Lindsay Jane has a template on her blog.
Sarah has a template on her blog. You can get it as a DIP template on Lisa's blog.

Kits & Stuff:
Faith has glitter stars frames on her blog.
JD has Funky Flowers on her blog.
Lisa Marie has a Dirty Wine Cellar paper pack on her blog.
Tracy has Puffy Glitter Star Stickers on her blog.
Franziska has a What Will You Create sampler on her blog.
Janni has a You Are My Sunshine kit on her blog.

Leora has some Music Clippies here.
Kirsty has a Brook overlay on her blog.
Babette has a Whimsy template on her blog.
Retrodiva has a Bohemian Collage add-on here.
Carol has Twiggy Words Of Love here.
Mooncatcher has Funny Gelstickers on her blog.

Shabby Princess & Karen have an August desktop on her blog.
Julie has part 2 of Feeling Wonderful on her blog.
Mz Cora has a Somewhere Over The... kit on her blog.
Tracy B has a Beach Breezes mini-kit here.
Sammy has Playa Del Sol premade backgrounds here.


mapleRose said...

Thanks for all the lovely links, dear. I look forward to your post EVERY Day! Appreciate it so much when you have the time, understand when you don't.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the great links! My 2 yr. old granddaughter loves "Charlotte's Web" or, as she calls it, "Spider the Web"! It is a cute movie. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Liz said...

Wow! You amaze me -- I visit frequently and was so glad today to see the wonderful layout of your son -- I just loved reading about how he got that red hair. Then, I check back later tonight before shutting down, and Wow! Another layout and a huge list of gorgeous links! Thank you so much for sharing your layouts (because of you, I found W&W and finally decided on what kits I really wanted...I am thrilled!)

Miss j said...

Did you hear about this?

IKEA ‘hostel’ offers free sleep, meatballs
All-nighter at Norwegian retailer attracts shoppers from around the world

Updated: 3:53 p.m. CT July 28, 2007
OSLO, Norway - Home furnishing company IKEA offered customers a full shop-till-you-drop experience this week — letting them spend the night at a Norway store.

Hundreds of applications came from people wanting to stay at the IKEA Furuset “hostel” near Oslo, Frode Ullebust, a spokesman for the Swedish company, said Friday.

Shoppers from all over the world came to the warehouse during the week, slumping into one of 30 free beds and trying meatballs and salmon on offer at the bedroom section and canteen.

In addition to a dormitory, the hostel was equipped with a bridal suite, a luxury suite, as well as family and tourist rooms, Ullebust said.

The idea for the hostel experiment, which ended Friday, came from customers themselves, said IKEA spokesman Christen Roehnedak.

“But they haven’t been able to sleep much,” Roehnedak said, noting a majority of the guests stayed awake to watch the night workers refill the shelves, while others did some midnight shopping.

Check-in for the hostel began at 10 p.m., while check-out was at 11 a.m. — one hour after the store opened. “So you’ve had to be prepared to be woken up by other shoppers,” Roehnedak said.

© 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

I was just wondering if you were one of the lucky ones who were picked? Since you are the IKEA Goddess after all!

Thanks bunches for the list. I also have a freebie on my blog that I just posted tonite. I would love if you told me what you think about it.

olga9999 said...

Nice to hear that you finished the book and it was great.:) I already saw Damien's layout and it's fantastic he looks so grown up from other layouts, and "Study of a smile" is a lovely layout. :) Thanks so much for sharing it with us. :)

I kinda have the feeling that Miss J has put a tiny bit of temptation in the post above. LOL

Thanks so much for the freebie list it's fantastic and with lots of nice freebies on it. It's really appreciated. :)

Best wishes. :O)