Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday's Thrilling Freebies

Something must be wrong with me...I drove to IKEA this evening with a 50€ gift certificate in my pocket for my spending pleasure (provided by my only cousin, who is expecting her first child. I gave her all of our baby furniture and didn't expect anything in return, but how could I say no to an IKEA gift certificate?) And what did I buy? A basket and some gift wrap (was on sale for 1€). Not even the christmas decoration made me go into a shopping frenzy. Usually I'm glad if I can get everything into one shopping cart and then into the car. Once I stacked so many boxes and things into the tiny car I used to have, that an employee of IKEA was truely impressed and went by smiling while saying "chapeau" and tipping an imaginary hat. He must have had this old IKEA ad in his mind:
I remember having difficulties to get behind the wheel, 'cause every inch of the car was packed to the roof. I had to drive with the left side mirror only as I couldn't see the right mirror nor use the inside one. I wish I had a photo of Chris' face when he came hopping down the 5 floors from old our apartment and saw the car he was to unpack - priceless.
Well the good thing is I have to go back another day, after all I have a gift certificate waiting to be used :-)



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modCreative said...

That is such a good story! I love IKEA! I remember I tried to maneuvered a very cute plastic chair into my 2-door sedan (sadly I had to return it...coz it just won't fit!) Sometimes I just go there for 'dinner' : their super yummy meatballs and lingonberry sauce :p

jenjenjasp said...

oh my goodnes...that is so funny! lol. I can't believe you were able to get away like that. rofl

Thanks for showing the template...hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh - check yourself into the hospital immediately - something has to be wrong! Enjoy the prospect of still getting to shop one day soon. :) Thanks again for your daily links. :) T.

Vicki said...

LOL! I also know the art of fitting lots into a small car! I used to have a Morris Minor and you'd be amazed how much fits in there! Thanks for the great freebie search today Angie.

Vivie said...

Thanks so much for all your listings! They are awesome...please check out our new freebie on my blog:

Tacie said...

LOL!! I can just picture that scenerio in my mind! Too funny. Love that pic too of the car w/ all the boxes!! And thanks for all the great freebie hook ups!

Sarah G. said...

For some reason, I find it extremely difficult to spend money when it's in the form of a gift certificate! My pocket money, no problem. But those cards tend to burn holes in my wallet before I spend them!