Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday's Wonderful Freebies


Quickpages: 2x click on Friday Freebie

Kits & more: click on Friday Freebie


ChrissyW said...

ooooh YAY! thanks for posting my freebie template!! you are the BEST!!

Kristine said...

Hi Angie!!!

Thanks so much for finding my Autumn Joy gift!!! Made my day!!!

Have a great night! Hugs~

Anonymous said...

Scripture Word Art here

jenjenjasp said...

whew...Today's post is the perfect size! lol. I am having a great time with these gorgeous little gifts you found.

But I must be tired, know why? I actually CLICKED on my template. rofl. Duh. HAHAHAHAHA.

Thank you, sweetie!

M u s s said...

Hi Angie!! :D
Thanks for the cutest stuff!!

I have two free QPs on my blog here:
If you want them, you can have them! LOL
Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie :) I just posted a new template at GDWI this morning if you're interested.

Rachaels Scraps said...

I've nominated you for a blog-award in appreciation of your great freebie-lists! :)

Your lists are much appreciated! I find links to the best freebies on your blog- thank you! :)

Jody said...

Picked up some really good ones today along with a very helpful tutorial. Thanks so much.