Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday's Thrilling Freebies

Templates: 2x

Quickpages: 3x

Alphas & Wordart: 2x

Kits & more: 2x mystery trick-or-treat goodie bag


Brenda said...

Thanks - again - for doing all this work for us!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love your blog! I get alot of freebies here! There is another great site that offers a daily wordart freebie. Inspired Mommie Designs. She is awesome and her wordart rocks!!! Here is her blog:

Check her out.

Sandee said...

I love your site. For today's freebies, the 3 templates at require a password to download. I didn't find it listed on her site. Can you help?


Shaun said...

First I want to thank you for putting this blog together. I have had so much fun using many of the freebies I have received from your blog.
I really would like the quick pages listed under Crea-Zara's blog on Thursday. The problem is that a password is required and she does not give one. I also cannot find a way to comment or email her.
Can you help out with this?

Teresa said...

Thanks again for today and I totally love the site but allof her downloads ask for a password and I can't understand her language. Can you please help me. Thanks Teresa

IkeaGoddess said...

The password for is zara :-)

AneczkaW said...

Great freebie list ! Thank you !

Sandee said...

Thank you for the password!