Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday’s Freebies

Chris and I are having a lazy Sunday, watching movies and TV. I just watched the last two episodes of the Big Bang Theory. I gotta say it’s my favorite series and the last episode with Leonard’s mother had me crying with laughter.

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Samantha said...

As always, thanks for the freebies Angie! I absolutely LOVE The Big Bang Theory! I think it's one of the (if not THE) funniest shows on TV! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you and enjoy your day, sounds relaxing. hsmema

Lara said...

Thanks for all the great freebies! I LOVE the Big Bang..we watched the whole first season not to long ago just to see the ones we missed.

Jessica said...

i know, RIGHT? it is so funny. i can't get over how funny it is at times. thank goodness for tivo...i often have to hit pause to contain myself. :) thanks for the list!

Cris said...

I also love The Big Bang Theory, ASheldon always crack me up! Thanks for the freebies. Cris

Tracy Peed :: Creator/ Designer said...

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Feel free to share it if you like. Thanks for all the work that you do with your blog - you are my first stop everyday.


Patamomma said...

Love Big Bang Theory. I missed the last one. Heard it was hilarious. Thanks for all the goodies. Patty

Riet said...

Thank you so much for your blog! I am discovering lots of beautiful stuff!

Jen Graham said...

Thanks for the list! As usual you have the best taste!

I have a freebie I would love for you to see!

Something Wilde said...

Awesome freebies - love those templates! I have a Superhero mini kit freebie on my blog

Jen Graham said...
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Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Don't you just LOVE lazy Sundays??? I've not seen the Big Bang Theory but after winding down from our niece's funeral service and reception, we hung out with two of my fiance's sisters yesterday and this morning and did the VERY same - LOTS of movies! *smile*

Thank you for TODAY'S goodies Angie love and for listing mine as well!

It is now Monday morning (PST) and I am just sitting down to the computer and have found that I never posted this message to you yesterday! LOL Well, y'all have me going now - who produces the BBT? Will have to hunt it down!

Have a SUPER week darlin'!

Linda :)

Carolin said...

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