Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday’s freebies

Oh-oh, I haven’t taken a photo yet for today. I better hurry, one one hour left till midnight. How are you coming along? With the first month already completed, I’m quite proud of myself. I haven’t missed a day so far and till now I didn’t need any inspiration lists. Though I have to admit it is getting harder to find a motif. On some days I don’t know which photo to choose and on others it’s almost midnight and my memory card is still empty ;-)

http://ledigidechoukette.blogspot.com/ P365

http://ronimasil.blogspot.com/ DIP



Alphas & Wordart:



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Weeds & Wildflowers news:
Gina has two new fun additions to Life365 in the shoppe. If you buy both, they are 20% off.


Linda said...

WOW Angie!!! WOO HOO! I am catching up from yesterday's post through today's and WHAT a collection of FABULOUS yummies!!! Thank you SO much for ALL of your HARD work in getting all of the images posted and the links set up - that is a feat in and of itself FOR SURE!

Hmmmm ... well, I wish I could say I was caught up, however the failed HD has put me WAAAAY behind! I DO have photos for each day and will be happy if I can get ALL of them posted in my slide show by week's end.

I have yet to scrap a layout and have been collecting MANY of the AWESOME templates you have been posting here, so am hoping I can whip some up fairly quickly!

As far as running out of themes or even "what do I take a photo of today"? LOL! I am pretty much housebound and I mean, I can only photograph SO much, eh? ROFL! It's turning out pretty good so far. Lots of furbabies and the kiddos come by fairly often. We had company for Super Bowl and my grandson is coming to visit later this week! I'm not QUITE sure what will happen in the event we have NO visitors for a week!!! HA!

Have a GORGEOUS rest of the week sweetie and THANK YOU, THANK YOU for ALL that you so for ALL of us here in SCRAPLAND!

Linda :)

Lady V dZine said...

Thanks so much for all the template finds!

I know you like boy stuff, so check out my blog for my latest brag page freebie:


I also saw that you posted a charity kit link. I'd love to have you link to the charity kit that I just finished organizing, if you would. You can check it out here:

Thanks so much!

Kristin said...

Hi Angie! I wish I were as motivated as you are. A picture a day would be fabulous. I haven't taken anywhere near that this year! Maybe I'll start in March. lol

I wanted to thank you for featuring my freebie. I really appreciate all of the hard work you do, and I enjoy reading your blog! :)

Pamela Donnis Designs said...

Hi Angie, I'd love it if you'd also feature my blog train freebie:
www.pameladonnisdesigns.blogspot.com. Thanks for your consideration!Pam

Jessica said...

I'm at about 75%. Since I told myself not to get hung up on perfection (that is so me!), I'm happy with my progress! Thanks as usual, Angie!

Anne said...

I'm really loving Project 365 and I have you to thank for inspiring me to do it - so thanks!!! I'm scrapping as I go and kind of keeping on top of it.

I sort of have a mental list in my head of things around the house that have a story behind them in case nothing really jumps out at me that day. For me, the story is more important than the picture.

I've already taken a few photos of food and am considering putting the recipes at the end of the book. I like the idea that maybe 100 years from now someone will come across my book and cook the same things that I do today. At the end of each month I'm also putting in a bit about what is going on in the world so it will be a real time capsule.

Thanks so much for all your freebie hunting! I recently got PSE and I can see why you love templates so much!

Anonymous said...

Yay, thanks for featuring my little freebie again!! I have collected more awesome free stuff in the last few days than ever and I have the awesome discovery of this blog to thank!! I know it's gotta be hard work to gather all of that everyday, thanks so much! Sooooo many benefit because of it!
Ashley Kennedy

Sam said...

Thanks for all your freebie finds I have a few freebies on my blog, not much boy stuff yet but freebies all the same my blog >>> http://samsscrapsandsigtags.blogspot.com/ thanks again hugs Sam

EliNa said...

Got some new freebies up at my blog


Thanks for considering them !

kindest regards

Cyndi146 said...

Hi Angie,
I really LOVE your site and check daily for your freebie list. thank you for all your hard work. I'm offering a freebie alpha on my blog and would love the exposure your site gives. Check it out and post it if you like it: http://cyndi146.blogspot.com/2009/02/freebie-alert.html

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the beautiful freebies you brought together.
I have a new freebie on my blog too
Hope you like it

SarahG said...

Thank You for posting my Freebie!
Have a Great Day!

Jen said...

You have an award on my blog, love your blog!