Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday’s Freebies

Today Chris and I finished half of our stairway with plaster paint. I had hoped to have it finished all the way and start on the living room tomorrow, but what the heck. One day more or less won’t kill me. I did however finish shortening our curtain in the kitchen - dining room, and hung it up on the new curtain wire Chris put up yesterday. Here is what it looks like. Any thoughts or improvement ideas?
dining roomCredits: frame and staple by [ksharonkdesigns] available at
So far the stairway looks just like I wanted it to be. Tomorrow I’ll pick up the latex paint and finish the job. I decided on getting it mixed a medium gray color. The steps will be sanded down with a clear finish and the sides and handlebar will be white with light grey accents. (the stairs will be my summer project, I am so not looking forward to that). I want to keep it neutral so I can wallpaper the accent walls. I already have a photo wallpaper of a flower meadow for the top floor. I hope to have the stairway completely finished by Friday afternoon, when Damien comes home from his skiing trip with his grandparents. So far he is having a ball and doesn’t miss us at all. But I sure miss my little boy.

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Pat has a great addition to Life 365: Weather Report. This kit is jam-packed with all kinds of weather related elements. You can buy Weather Report at the W&W shoppe.


Katie said...

I think your room looks lovely, I love the soft color of the paint.

I wanted to be sure you saw my free quick page on my blog at


StarWarsFans98 said...

Your room looks great! I love the colors you've chosen. If it doesn't break the bank, I think it would look awesome to flank the lace curtain with two solid black ones to really make the window standout and to coordinate it with your stunning table set.

Cara said...

I'm a big fan of the green with that dark table, I think it looks great! I'm not envious of your stair project, though. Good luck finishing the walls.

Pam said...

Your room looks great!

DigiLover's Addiction said...

tried to see if I could find an email addie to get in touch with you but couldn't so I'll post it here.

Me and 20-odd other designers have got together for a collab charity kit for the Australian bushfires and we'd love it if you were able to post it on your site once we are completely finished with our organising.

would you mind emailing me at to find out further details.

thanking you in anticipation.


Anonymous said...

The room looks good.I really like your table and your painting but the curtain is very distracting.I don't think it matches the style of your room.The style looks kind of minimal to me so I think you need a simple curtain with no patterns.
I really like your blog.I visit it everyday.It's a quick stop to find all the freebies.Keep up the good work.

Casey said...

Thank you so much for posting the charity kit!!!

Anonymous said...

The room looks great! I love the color on the walls!


Laura said...

I love the dining room! What a great color you chose, too! It keeps it family friendly, but still looks very grown up and sleek.

Thanks for the great finds as well!

denise:) said...

Pretty dining room! Thanks for all the links to freebies...

Valé said...

Thanks a lot for my template !!!

Andrea said...

Your home looks beautiful! I love the colors and decor! Thanks for these freebie links!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Angie. You & DH have got your work cut out for you. I love the color of your dining room. It's the same as my bathrooms and kitchen. I went for deacon brown in the dining room, living room and hallways. I even painted a trim on the ceilings edge LOL.
As I am a plant lover I thought I'd let you know that plants on a rad such as yours is a big no-no. The plants really don't love it when it's in use as it tends to dry up their water too fast and dry out their leaves quicker. And when leaves dry up then tend to fall behind it LOL. Have you thought of hanging them from a plant tree stand or putting a window shelf in about half way? If the window opens upward, a shelf about midway would work. I can't see if it opens or not in the image. I love the curtain too but I have found the rad eventually turns them brownish. The design on the curtain would be a nice design to add as a mid-boarder to the rooms wall, bringing it all together. Have you thought of making a decorative cover for the rad and then shortening the curtain to the window ledge? Makes it easier to clean the area as well. Since it looks like you want this room to be bright I wouldn't add anything else in draperies or curtains. StarWars mentioned adding black curtains on the sides, which in the summer will draw heat to the window area eventually causing damage, and further drying out your plants. Not such a good idea, sad to say. If you are interested in adding the side draperies/curtains it would be best to go for a light brown, if only for privacy.
Well you did ask, and I love decorating, LOL. Hope I gave you something without being intrusive.

Yin said...

Love your dining table set!

Nicole said...

Thanks for finding me again. I appreciate that! And I think your room looks great too. It keeps the room open and bright.

Mac's Wifey said...

I think it looks fantastic!! Oh I miss those windows when we lived in Germany LOL. I hate the ones I have now since moving back to the states.

scrappy weiss said...

room looks great, missy. i'm a sucker for green! thanks so much for picking up my alpha to include in your blog. it's like a dream come true..ikeagoddess has MY alpha up??? tee hee. really, very cool. thanks for always having such great freebies.


ViVa Artistry is: said...

Hey Angie:
Great room...thanks so much for fab freebies...We (ViVa Artistry) have a new freebie on our blog for you:

Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Angie,
das Zimmer sieht wirklich toll aus!
Aber benutze lieberkeine Latexfarbe denn dann können Eure Wände nicht mehr "atmen" - Schimmelbildung wäre die Konsequenz - und Ihrwürdet es vieleicht nicht malmerken und mit dem giftigen Zeug leben.
Meine Mutter ist Archtektin und Spezialistin für Sanierungen und hat mich bei meiner Renovierung davor immer gewarnt!
Liebe Grüße und Danke für das beständige suchen und finden von freebies.