Sunday, March 01, 2009

Saturday’s Freebies

Hi gals,
Bunny pointed out that the recent virus issues have to do with using Internet Explorer on XP. That explains why I haven’t had any problems, I use neither. Since changing your operating system isn’t all that easy, I would advise switching your browser to which ever one you like. I have been using Firefox forever, basically since it came out. I’m very happy with it and enjoy all the fun add-ons and themes one can get for it.
Hope you are having a nice weekend. Chris has to work this weekend, so it’s just Damien and me. Today we went to H&M and bought his spring/summer wardrobe: a thin coat, some fun t-shirts (with snakes, lizards, spiders, and the ever popular Lightning McQueen), 2 clamdiggers (we still have a bunch from last year that I bought a bit large, should fit perfect this year), swimming trunks and shoes, and the must have accessory of the season for the fashion forward four year old: a scarf.

This photo is from the new H&M catalogue and we got the snake t-shirt and scarf the blond boy in the front is wearing. And if you think I picked out the clothes, you are so wrong. Damien picks his own wardrobe. I saw a t-shirt I liked & showed it to him and in return I got that pitiful look & “that’s not cool, mama”. I wonder what he will be like in his teens….
Also today my little teenie-weenie Canon IXUS 80IS (or PowerShot SD1100 IS) arrived via UPS. Was I happy to see that delivery man :-)

cameraIsn’t it a beauty? I’m so glad I decided to get it in brown – I love the rich color. It also fits perfectly in the small Crumpler bag (Pretty Bella 55) I got for it.
Other than that, we went to the farmer’s market, grocery store, and children’s book store. We also played with Legos, wooden trains, race cars, made a fuse bead t-rex, read some of his new books, and raced round the house. Unlike my son, I’m tired now ;-)
So what did you do today?
Cheers, Angie aka IkeaGoddess

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new camera, you're going to be really happy and the colour is gorgeous:)


Cara said...

I'm tired just reading about your day! We spent it cooped up on a rainy, cold winter day. How many times can one child watch CARS? Love your new camera, very stylish.


Ladye said...

Today I was a very active GrandMother. My GD was in a competiton against the other 5 area, grades 6 through 8, schools. It was a one-act play and it was her first. Well, let me tell you, that they WON 1st place, had the best actor and the best ensemble, so I feel like she had won the Oscar...LOL Sure wish I had gotten pictures at it, but they were forbidden, so unless they do it one more time at her school, I guess that will be missing from my scrapbook. We have been gone since 6AM until about 6PM, so all of us are tired.. So that was how my day went. Oh and all of this happened in Alvin, Texas.

charlie said...

Hmm i use IE on XP and Firefox and have had no problems..i believe because i keep my blockers up todate..which is the key!

Great camera!

Schona Kessler Photography said...

I just wanted to say that I really really appreciate you taking your valuable time to post links to the freebies all the time. You find some of the coolest stuff! I have two boys and a girl so I am getting plenty to scrap with!


Congrats on your camera I too love the color and the size is perfect! I look forward to seeing many photos from it!

Hmmm my day....I had a Photo shoot for a fun loving couple went to 3 different locations...came home checked my facebook, Hubby left and is bringing home a movie and a pizza and we are going to chill.

Thanks Thanks Thanks!

Redju said...

Nice camera! Thank you for the freebies list Angie!
If you have time, check out the freebie on my blog:

Thank you and have a nice week.

Melissa said...

Hi, just letting you know I have a freebie March desktop calendar on my blog at:

Yin said...

Oh it is so cute that Damien is so fashion forward and has his own tastes! And you now have the exact same point and shoot as me, only we don't have the brown version here, and it sure looks good! I'm getting scared reading all the posts about the viruses, maybe I'll try putting my freebies on next round. So far I'm not affected though I download stuff everyday, I use firefox on XP, but just got a new laptop (yeah!) on vista and am not going to risk anything on that one! :) You're having those days I used to have when my boys were littler, brings back fond memories, enjoy them while they last, but do get rest when you can!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your linking. I have a freebie too!!

Hugs Kjersti

Anonymous said...

H&M is my IKEA for clothes.
If you take away all stuff in our house from IKEA and H&M, we would be in an empty house running around naked..
Love your cam, and especially the brown colour, very cool!!
We went to the beach today (it's not so far from our house) and my hubbie and my daughter went to IKEA this afternoon. We bought a bed (Mandal without the drawers) yesterday so today they are going for the mattress. Hope to sleep in it tonight!!
Enjoy the last bit of weekend!!
Gon - Netherlands

AneczkaW said...

Great freebie list ! thank you !

Patamomma said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Had my coffee and comp time this morn, then organized the girls room again! Then had an appointment for a pedicure. It's a necessity for me. I have done tons of harm to my toenails over the years fighting ingrown nails. So, now we are slowly getting them fixed with help from a great lady. Usually takes about 3 hours! She doesn't charge enough. Thanks for the great hunts. Patty

FlutterbyeFaery AKA Evie said...

thank you for sharing all your finds! I get such great stuff from your blog!
you rock!