Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday’s Freebies

I’m heading off to bed even though there are more than 150 posts left to check. But I have to get up early tomorrow morning to box my way to the flowers that Aldi has on sale tomorrow morning. Experience over the last years has shown it will be rough and nothing for the faint. But hopefully I will have some really cheap and beautiful clematis and rhododendron for our garden. See ya tomorrow with more freebies. Wish me luck ;-)
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Melissa said...

Thanks for today's list. Good luck finding some great plants tomorrow.

Toni said...

Hi, hope you find some good bargains and lovely plants. Thanks so much for all the freebie links, you are awesome!

Felicia a.k.a Flee said...

Thank for posting my freebie and all the others you look for... I can't go a day without checking out your blog... GL tomorrow!

Sue said...

Thanks for finding these super freebies! :)

GBJ said...

Aldi! Ich liebe Aldi! :)

Meisie said...

How did the shopping go? Hopefully neither you nor your goodies got trampled?!?! Isn't spring shopping for plants exciting though? I love the smell of the soil and plants as your walk through the gardening areas of the stores!!
Thank you for listing my freebie. I have another today a 12x12 QP

Happy gardening!

Anonymous said...

Have fun at Aldi!

I have a freebie qp on my blog

Anonymous said...

Best of luck at the flower fight festival! :-D

pton said...

I have a little mini kit through this weekend on my blog too.