Friday, March 06, 2009

Thursday’s Freebies and some from Wednesday too

Today it was raining and what did my kid want to do? Ride on his bike to Kindergarten… so I dressed him in rubber from head to toe and topped off the look with his helmet. And what did I not do? I didn’t take a photo! I can’t believe it. By the time I realized I hadn’t taken a photo, it was already dark outside. So I ended up taking a photo of the rain in the dark, that doesn’t look good. Since I know that I’m a forgetful person and I will be in this situation about a gazillion more times this year with Project 365, I booked a photography in the dark class at the adult education center. It’s tomorrow evening, so I will be posting really late.
Cheers, Angie aka IkeaGoddess



temp2 2-page P365 P365

temp3 2x

temp4 2x (one 2-page) 2-page




Alphas & Wordart:


Kits & more:

kits2 hybrid




Anonymous said...

Awesome list today - thanks for all your hard work you put into these. :)

Kimi said...

Thank you for listing my template today!!

Mom2aTrio (JZDesigns) said...

Wow that is a LONG list!! I have added a template - hope you like it for Fridays list :)

Danie said...

LOL - I totally know how you feel. It is so frustrating to not have your camera ready when there is a funny situation or your kid is all dresses up... Your class about photography in the dark sounds cool!

redjudesigns said...

Thank you for the list Angie!

I have a CU freebie on my blog (CU Foam Tags):

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

HelenClyde said...

Wow, what a cool long list today! I think I could need the photography in the dark class, too :-) But well, when I didn´t manage to capture the most important or valuable moment of the day in a pcture, I try to write it down in the journaling. That works for me :-)

Startingover said...

I have 2 quickpages on my blog

Casey said...

oooooh, found a super cute free kit for ya!

Barb said...

I just started a blog and hope to have more freebies on it coming soon! Today I have a two-page quickpage, not sure if it is your style or not! Eventually I will post some templates. :)

Census said...

Great list as usual.

I have a little something for you on my blog

Amysout said...

Wow, I was so surprised and flattered the template I made for PDP made it on to your list!!! Thank you so much!!! Woo hoooo! I feel famous because of you!!! :D

bg_garden said...

Thank you for all the work you do to make this blog one of the best SCRAPIN' Resource pages.

WONDERFUL.... you are at the top of my bookmarks for scrapbooking. Stop by my garden sometime.