Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday’s Freebies


temp2 2-page


Alphas & Wordart:

Kist & more:

kits2 click on Friday freebie


Leah said...

Loving all these goodies! The Jennifer Fox ct blog has freebies coming out everyday this week if you want to check them out!! They are here:

Samantha said...


I now completely 'get' the whole Twilight phenom!

My girlfriend loaned me her copy a couple of months ago and I just started reading is yesterday and can't put it down. I'm abou 7/8 of the way through. I had my husband go and get me the second book so that I can start it as soon as I'm done the first book and tomorrow I'm going to get the rest of the books so I have the complete set. I can see myself reading these over & over!

I'm at the part where Bella is being tracked by James, the 'bad' heart is aching...I can't wait for Bella & Edward to be reunited!

And strangely, I think I'm completely in love with a fictional character in a book! lol

This is totally crazy!! lol


RedElf said...

I just love your blog. Lovely freebies you pick out and give to us. Thanks for all the owrk you put in.

It's happening a lot on my blog. A new freebie and lots of fun so check it out if you want


Anna said...

Thanks so much for posting my freebie!!! It was fun to share my template with others!

Brooke Nelson said...

New blog--

btw, love your site!

Mrs. JayBob said...

Love your blog! You've got a great eye for good design! It's fun to see ndidds challenge kits in your selections!