Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday’s Freebies

Can you believe I started to read New Moon again on the weekend, and just finished Eclipse this evening? I guess it shows that I really enjoy reading or that I don’t have that much of a life ;-) Having chapter 20 (Compromise) of Eclipse memorized probably sped thing up too. It’s my favorite chapter of all 4 books. What’s yours?
I’m off to bed now, Breaking Dawn is awaiting me on my bedside table :-)


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Lor said...

Thanks for all the goodies today Angie!

The 80's Me - Miss CutiePie said...

Thank you Angie, you're the best! ♥

Anonymous said...

You are the FIRST person I'm going to admit this to: I have all four audiobooks on CD, and I have been listening to them in the car since October! When I finish one book, I just start on the next, and then sometimes I just listen to my favorite parts! (Seriously, since October...I need help!!) I can't pick just one favorite part, but these are the ones that pop into my mind:
* When Mike is bringing Bella to the nurse and Edward swoops in
* When Edward rescues Bella in Port Angeles
* When Bella faints when Edward kisses her because she forgets to breathe :)
* When Bella wakes up in the hospital
* When Edward and Jacob have their discussion in the tent in "Eclipse"
* I could go on and on but I'll spare you!

Have you read "Midnight Sun" yet? I'm *really* sad that it's not available on CD yet (or even finished for that matter)!


kristi said...

Thanks for all the freebie hunting you do. Your blog is the best! I have to agree with Karen. I love the chapter with Edward and Jacob in the tent in Eclipse.

Cintia Café said...

Thank you for yor great list!

Mistifaery said...
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Mistifaery said...

I really love the first and fourth books the best! My favorite part is when Bella meets Rennesme for the first time! I love that!

Anonymous said...

I'm rereading the saga for the fourth time. Hubby's insisted I read it at the dining table because I spend all hours awake at bedtime! :-) Fav chapter? Hm, don't have one - but one of my fav moments was the discussion about "you aren't scared because I turn into a werewolf, you're scared because you thought I was a murderer?" Yep - I'm with Bella on that note! :-) And do read Midnight Sun if you haven't - great unfinished book.

Recovering procrastinator said...

I agree that Midnight Sun is wonderful and can't believe it stops right before the meadow scene. UGH

My favorite part of the books is pretty much everything on Isle Esme in Breaking Dawn.

Tina said...

I'm SO glad to hear that I'm not the only mom out there who just keeps rereading the whole series. I'll listen to them in the car and then pick up in the book where I left off listening. I've lost count as to how many times I've gone through the whole series, but it's more than eight. My husband is a little concerned about me, so I've taken to 'sneak reading' the books. My favourite parts are numerous, but I love all Edward and Jacob interaction. I think Eclipse is my favourite, because we get all the backstory on the Cullens.
Oh, thanks for all the freebie searching, too! You're the first place I check when I log on at night!

N.T. said...

I don't know how you have time to do it all, but I'm glad you do!
I'm not really good at scrapbooking, but I want to start working on christmas presents (yes, it will take me that long HAHA!) for some of my twilight obsessed friends. Any tips for source material or Twilight digi freebies?
(And actually, I plan to give them when we go see the movie in November.)

Anonymous said...

I love that you are such a die hard Twilighter and a scrapper!!! I can't wait to read the books again...I'm trying to read Stephen King's Misery (a great book, of course!) but I keep thinking about Twilight and wanting to read it again! So addictively wonderful! I love your site. It's one of 3 I check every day (my facebook, this and *shame* Perez Hilton!).
:) Thanks for all you do!!

Lori said...

Angie - I know you are busy with your vacation, but if you are putting a list together today or for the weekend . . . I'd love to have my new FREEBIE kit included!!

You can find it on my blog at!

Thanks for all you do - Lori!

HelenClyde said...

Fire and Ice, no question. I think I´ve read it about eight times, and them I´ve got the audiobooks which I enjoy listening to with my wireless headphones while working in the house.
And I don´t think you don´t have much of a life just because you´re reading New Moon again :-) Ot´s just something very, very special about these books.

Day said...

Hi Angie, here's another freebie for you. Thanks for looking :)

Have a great day!

Day said...

Oh and just for the record I've been reading and rereading the entire series almost exclusively since October. I just can't get enough! One of my fav parts is Edward and Bella's "reunion" as they walk freezing and terrified through the sewers in Italy. And after.. "Is it really sick for me to be happy right now??" Sigh...

Holly@GDS said...

Oh wow...I'm so glad to hear others are in the same boat as me...can't get enough of the books or music! It's the only movie I've seen more than a couple of times! The romance and neverending bond between them is just so addicting! I can't pinpoint my favorite part from any of the books yet but now I guess I'm gonna get Midnight Sun to read thanks to you all :) Thanks Angie for all you do!