Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday’s Freebies

This week the kindergarten teacher’s strike has been expanded to 2 days. Yesterday Leo’s (Damien’s best friend) mom watched the boys and today was my turn. It’s really astounding what you can get done around the house when you don’t have to go to work. We started off with making jello and baked a lemon pound cake. Then the boys accompanied me to the grocery store. After that they played in Damien’s room for a while and I started to cook. The boys were a big help cutting the green beans, which resulted in them actually eating green beans too ;-) Ice-cream for dessert and the first half of Bolt. Then we went outside and caught some Roman snails in our garden and put them in a jar. We walked 5 min to my MIL, gave her the snails (she doesn’t have any in her garden, however plenty of slugs. So now we hope the snails will reduce the slug population by eating the young) and brought her some cake. We then continued to the playground, where they played for two hours. Afterwards we walked home, ate cake and the jello, the guys played some more and I cleaned up the kitchen – entirely. That is something that we usually only do on the weekend, because we are too tired after work. Then the boys took a long bath, Leo decided to stay overnight, and we ate strawberry pancakes for dinner. After brushing their teeth, they got to watch the rest of Bolt, I read a story and now they are listening to an audio book over which they will hopefully fall asleep. Astounding what you can pack into a day, isn’t it? And I’m not even dead on my feet :-)

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Marie said...

Wow! I wish I could get that much done in one day! Way to go Angie! And thanks for the freebies! ^.^

Sue said...

Amazing day with such young boys! And you found freebies too! WOW! Thank you very much. :)

Yin said...

Oh wow, you had a great day! Nice to hear about your day :) And thanks again for always finding us great freebies!

SugarKitties said...

I'm just so shocked that grown women like these books OR this movie!! These characters are teenagers and adult women with children are foaming at the mouth over them.
I am puzzled, there are very VERY good vampire romances written for adults!

Mrs. G said...

Thank you for the freebies! A day at home sounds great! Mrs.G

Leslie said...

Love the links to New Moon! It makes me even more excited for it to come out!
I've just posted a template freebie on my blog.
Hope you like it!

Keley Domingues said...

Thanks for the pointers to free.
I just posted a Freebie on my blog.