Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday's goodies

Here is what I found today:Bren has a sweet new kit out called Johnny Boy. Get it in her blog.
Sharon has a De-lish quickpage on her blog.
Joanna has a quickpage template on her blog.
LouAnn has a template on her blog.
Anne has some cool Ribbon Flowers here.
Holly has a bird doodle sticker on her blog.
Jen has a template on her blog.
Genevieve has a beautiful new kit called So Fresh, So Green. Grab it here.
Coralie has a Blue Glitter Alpha on her blog.

Carrie has some great Sparkle Puffs on her blog.
Misty has some cool Little Stars on her blog.
Gwenevere has a Funky Valentine kit for you here.
Andrea has a sweet template with flower doodle on her blog.
RakScraps is starting out a new mega-kit called Love & Happiness. If you're a member (register for free) you can get the daily downloads here.
Amy is giving away a hot kit on the RakScraps newsletter. Get it here. Download the newsletter, the link for Amy's kit is on the last page.
Debra has her A Rose Is A Rose mini-kit here.
Jessie has a nice template on her blog.
Luizy has darling new kit called Shanty on her blog.


Stefan's Mama said...

thanks for including me in the list today!

Kat said...

Thank you so much for making these lists daily! I did it myself for awhile it takes a lot of time ((hugs)) Very Sweet of you to share!

Andrea said...

Thanks so much!

P Sharp said...

Thank you for the great links.

fran b said...

i look forward to the daily freebies on your blog! Thanks for taking time out of your day to make life easier for us freebie addicts!
Guess what happened today. i went to the Raks newsletter link to get Amy T's kit. I couldn't believe it! A prize alert to franbvm(me!) for a 10.00 gift certificate to SaraAMaries store!
Thanks again!!!

marysevincent said...

Thank you so much for sharing all those precious links !

my2boys said...

thanks babycakes...some more good finds!

thanks for the bday wishes too!

LVMommy22 said...

i love your lists!!! you are in my top 5/must be checked daily folder. would you include amy kropp's blog? she has a gorgeous QP up right now and has/had a kit to go with it.
:) M

Muka said...

Thank you for the list, and for the second part of yesterday's as well!