Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Template Tuesday

Ok, now it's template Tuesday and how many templates do I find? Two, can you believe it? I hope I was just too early and can offer you more templates tomorrow.Ruby has the letter K from her ABC template series. Get it here.
Ronee has a lovely new template on her blog.
Mitia has a Romantic kit on her blog.
Angela & Michelle have huge Family Ties add-on here.
Kirsty has a white square overlay on her blog.
BadCandy has a hot Pink mini-kit here.
Kari has more Glitter Frames on her blog.
Laudi has an add-on to her Be A Girl kit here.
Canay has a nice Polaroid Frame on her blog.

Carrie has more cute doodles on her blog.
Ake has Cardboard Slide Mounts and Photo Edges on her blog.
Laura has fun Twine-ies loops on her blog.
Meredith has an add-on to Support the ASPCA kit on her blog.
Traci has the sweetest All Bunched Up element on her blog.
Ale has a Child's Drawings (Blue) paper pack on her blog.
Janine has lovely Fabric Flowers on her blog.
I found one last template: Jennilyn just posted this baby, you can get it in exchange for a comment on her blog.

That make a total of three templates on template Tuesday. Oh well, better than nothing.


Muka said...

thanks for all the great tips, especially of the cardboard slides!! and is it just me, or are traci and meredith's blogs having issues? i tried getting to them a million and one times and each time came up with an error message...hopefully, tomorrow it will work... ;)

PSharp said...

Thanks for all the great links.

Ruby said...

Better than nothing...you're a hoot Sweetie. I'm so surprised mine is there. I'm usually so late in posting that mine ends up in your Wednesday list...lol. Well no more!! I have next week's goodie ready to go so I won't be late. And I have my new template team chopping at the bit to inspire one and all with their layouts.

Best wishes to you and your family.~Ruby

Ale Modolon said...

ello! Thank you very much for having published my freebie. Everyday I visit his blog and I had a lot of happinesses in seeing my freebie. Thank you very much and success always.

A thousand Kisses

jburkhart said...

Big list today! Thanks so much...I should have a new template to share either tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning!
We can never, ever have enough templates! *G*