Monday, February 26, 2007

What I did while my little sicky took a nap

day 7:Credits: Template: Little Squares by Traci Sims. (see yesterday's freebies)
Papers & Dragonfly: Mitia (see yesterday's freebies)
Stitching: Fernlili from her Arcadiamae kit.
Fonts: DSPCurlyQSolid with AtomicCupcake's chipboard action and Scriptina with AtomicCupcake's sparkle action


Kim said...

Awesome layout and I hope your baby feels better soon!

Thanks for sharing the goodies you find with us!

Anonymous said...

Too Cute! Hope he's feeling a bit better!

Carolyn said...

He's TOO cute. I hope he's on the mend.

Corinna said...

So cute!
His eyelashes are incredible.

*sarahm172* said...

it´s a wonderful template and a wonderful layout, but i can not find the link to this template.
can you send me the link to:

thank you very much. sarah