Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Tabby has some Crazy Stitched Hearts, an I Love NY Patch, and Wild Stitches on her blog.
Bren has some Simply Solids for you on her blog.
Rina has a sweet Valentine's Tag on her blog.
Tracy B has a cool new 8,5x11 template on her blog.
Regiane has some awesome doodles for you on her blog.
Maria has a baby kit here.
Retrodiva has her hot Too Much Love kit here. Be sure to grab all 3.

Andrea has an adorable Valentines template on her blog.
Petra has a Plastic Alpha on her blog.
Micheline has more Beaded Frames on her blog.
Meredith has a Techno Grunge Graphic Heart Cluster on her blog.
Melanie has a sweet One Heart template on her blog.
Debby has a cute kit with two card template on her blog.
Amy W has a new Grab Bag here.
Robin has 2 cool kits for you: Kind Heart and Heartbroken. Get them on her blog.

Happy Valentines and don't forget to leave some love when you download these fabulous freebies.


paintingsiggi said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for the goodies!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day! You always round up such great goodies!!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for all the scouting and posting that you do! since i'm a teacher it's a nice treat at the end of my day!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines day to you!!!!

Mary Ellen said...

Happy Valentines Day
thanks for finding all the great freebies

Deanna (D) said...

Thanks for the links!! Have a super Valentine's Day!

Sweet Pea said...

Happy Valentine's Day and thank you for all the great treats you bring to us every day!

jburkhart said...

HAPPY VALENTINE's Day!!!!! Hope you had a great day! Thanks for all the wonderful goodies you have found for us!

ouhlalasouris said...

thank you for these links :-)

Andrea said...

Wonderful! How do you find time to do this? Thank so much!

Loralynn said...

Thanks for all your hard work gathering these freebies all in one place for us!

Anonymous said...

HI, I am not sure how i happend to find your Blog. I can say it's wonderful and I love all that you search your lil heart out for. I keep telling myself i have enough kits and doodles and do dad's and what nots. Everything is just so dern cute, adorable well made.
Thanks so much for sharing. Happy late Valentine's Day :)
! thing I am having trouble getting bren's solid papers to download.
Thanks again. lilsunshine

josey said...

Ikea Goddess;
I can't for the life of me figure out how to download Regiane's doodles. Not being able to comprehend the language doesn't help. How did everyone else do it?
I tried to register but that failed as well.

IkeaGoddess said...

@ lilsunshine: Bren uses 4shared. Only so many people can download the kit at the same time - so just try, try again. I just tried it out and it works.
@ josey: for Regiane's doodle click on aqui under the image. That brings you to You sent.