Saturday, May 05, 2007

It's National Scrapbook Day!

Hip, hip, hurray, it's National Scrapbooking Day!

Andrea has a template on her blog.
Darcy has a template here.
Sylvia has a template on her blog.
Teresa has a Smarties template here.
Janeal has a heart template on her blog.

Kits & stuff:
Alice has Distressed Solids here.
Lindsay Jane has Grungy Pastels on her blog.
Tracy has a yellow Candy Bit alpha on her blog.
Christine has Grungy Athlete iron-on patches on her blog.
Christina has cool Urban Buds on her blog.
Amy C. has a NSD mini-kit on her blog.

Carrie has a Bumpy alpha on her blog.
Sara has a Gerbera swirl here.
Debbie has a Sweet Bouquet kit here.
Michelle has a Painted Heart freebie on her blog.
Misty has a Beauty Within sampler on her blog.
Kris has a Carambola kit on her blog.

Collab kit Old Spirit here.
Anna has a Treatz kit on her blog.
Jessica has a Beautiful You kit here.
Heather has To Do lists on her blog.
Maryse has a Forever Yours mini-kit on her blog.
Crazy Universe has a Swirly Whirl mini here.

Sonja has white cluster frames on her blog.
Karen has Phenomenal Papers here.
Darcy has a handwriting font on her blog.
Grace has two folded corner templates on her blog.
Sarah has a Happy Day add-on on her blog.
Cherie has a mini-kit on her blog.

Jannylynn has a He's A Star kit on her blog.
Emmy has a My Three Sons: Chip mini-kit on her blog.
Sophia has a luggage tag on her blog.
Krista has a NSD kit on her blog.
Ria has a folded page on her blog.
Amanda has a Quincy Garden Club kit here. (Daily download from May 5-19)


Christy said...

Happy National Scrapbook Day! Thanks for the freebie lists! We really appreciate all your hard work!

Amy said...

Wahoo! You go girl!

Thanks for all you do -- hope you have a chance to enjoy NSD!!!

Dilorf said...

What a list! And your'e not ready yet?? Thanks for all the work You put down in finding all these links. :)

Carol said...

What an amazing list I've woken up to find today. Have fun yourself okay? Go forth and scrap.

Liz said...

Oh My! You must have spent such a long time getting all of this posted -- how do you do it all? Wow...thanks so much for all the previews and links. it is much appreciated! Happy NSD

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your work on NSD!

Mara said...

thank you, that you even today found some time for us.
Its a fantastic list

xashee's corner said...

AWESOME AWESOME list! Happy NSD and thank you so much for all you do 1 have a great day :)

Andrea said...

How on earth do you keep track of all these? You are amazing! What a fantastic list! Thanks so much!

Jenny said...

Thank you! I was wondering when all the NSD freenies would be posted. I've been checking her multiple times throughout the day :)

izziescraps said...

Happy NSD! Thanks for collecting all the goodies for us!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess everyone was saving up for today!!! Thank you so much for all the time it took today for this wonderful list! It is appreciated! BettyJoR

Meggsy said...

Happy National Scrapbook Day All.
Thankyou for the time you spend giving us your list each day. Much appreciated :)

JellyBean said...

I want to thank you for all of the wonderful shares you post! I would like to add your blog to my blog links if it's ok, and you're welcome to Come Visit, I have lots of freebies and I update and add more every single day. You're welcome to come snag what ever you want and link me if you wish.

Thanks again for sharing, it is appreciated! :)


Selena said...




Gisela said...

thanks a lot for all your super freebies - maybe you want to come to my blog too! I have some freebies that I have made for all of you to download :-)

Gisela :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!!! Wonderful list! Missed most of yesterday and will miss most of today so this is really, really appreciated!

Muka said...

happy (belated) nsd!! thanks for all the freebies you list, I can't imagine how long it takes you to compile them!

olga9999 said...

Happy National Scrapbook Day!! and thanks a million times for all the hard work you put making this list. It's really good and it makes so much easier with the photos to see the freebies. I know it's a really hard work and I truly appreciate it.

Best wishes. :o)

Rona said...

Happy NSD! Thank you for compiling this awesome list! :)

Anonymous said...

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