Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday's freebies

Blogger is finally up again, I was starting to think I wouldn't be able to post today, but blogger came through just in the nick of time.

Christy has a template on her blog.
Chantal has a template on her blog.
Denise has a template on her blog.
Di has a template on her blog. has a template here.

Kits & stuff:
Tracy has a pink Candy Bit alpha on her blog.
Christy has a mother's day word art on her blog.
Manu has a Through The Years add-on on her blog.
Rachel has a notebook paper sample on her blog.
Heather has crazy stitches on her blog.
Mollie has MOD papers on her blog.

Graziela has a mother's day sampler on her blog.
Rachel has Crazy Crochet Posies here.
Sylvia has a Smarties alpha here.
Leah has a painted (crayon too) Preschool alpha on her blog.
FernLili has a Summer Crush kit on her blog.


maryse said...

Thank you so much for all these precious links!

Dude-man's Mommy said...

Hi there -

Here I am...downloading all the freebies you have listed when I came upon my own! How cool is that?

Thanks so much for including me!

LiamsMommy31905 (Leah)

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for providing those goodies links..

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for all your work :)

Kara said...

thanx for the freebies.. I also have lots of freebies on my site, check em' out.


Laura said...

You have given us great freebies! Thanks so much for all you do!

Rachel Young said...

Thank you for featuring my Crazy Crochet Posies!! I am so excited you did!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the links!

Rona said...

thank you for all the links! :)

Tracy Blankenship said...

thank you my darling!!!

how are you....big chunky hugs!

Hilary said...

You are incredible. Thank you so much for putting all of these wonderful freebies together in one easy to find location. I love it. You have rejuvinated my desire to scrapbook.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the great links! Hope you have a great week!!! BettyJoR