Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sunny Saturday freebies and finally some rain

It only rained like ten drops last night, so it was another hot and sticky Saturday here. I was out with Damien all morning, doing the shopping for the long holiday weekend: some chicken at the butchery, cheese and veggies and some perfect strawberries at the farmer's market, then off to the fruit store.
Damien and I do this every Saturday (if I'm off work) and both enjoy it very much. He gets something to test eat basically at every stop. The shop owners all adore him, 'cause he is such an enthusiastic eater. Once on the way to the cheese stand at the farmer's market, Damien started yelling: "Look mommy, cheese, cheese" He repeated this at the top of his lungs till we finally got there, where he repeated it in a normal tone of voice this time addressing the guy behind the stand while nodding encouragingly to emphasize his statement. Half of the people at the farmer's market were smiling at him. With that kind of advertisement, naturally he gets a huge piece of carrot cheese extra to try on the spot. Damien then goes on to bite off a huge piece, goes "Mmmhhhhhhh" and closes his eyes while eating, swallows and says "gut(good in German), really, really gut. You get the picture.
Then on to H&M to buy cute set for a co-worker, who just had a baby boy. It's a tank top with a pirate face in light blue, white, and khaki, matching khaki clamdiggers, and socks and bandana with white little skulls on light blue - too cute. Damien then went on to pick out a t-shirt for himself and he found matching clamdiggers to match too. They weren't even hanging next to each other. I was so surprised, I bought it. He really doesn't need it, but I actually love it and still can't believe he did that. He has never showed interest in clothes shopping till today. When I tell this to my mom she will be tickled.
Then we went home, cooked, ate, had a nap (better I did, while he rolled out toilet paper in the living room, which he then put in a shoe-box and put on the toilet seat, oh well, it could have been worse), on to a girl-friend's house to do some handiwork (connected her Ikea-, what else ;-), closets, and hung up a shelf on the wall). Met at her flat with Christian (he had to hold up the shelf, while we put the screws in), and then the 3 of us did some supermarket grocery shopping, met & chatted with a close friend in town, after that off home and cooked.
And then it finally rained. The air is nice and cool now. And I'm not sticking to my chair anymore while searching freebies - yippie :-)) Here's is what I found:

Chris is finally offering her sketches as templates. And the sketches are awesome and very inspiring, be sure to take a look around. Now her first template is waiting for you on her blog.
Tasha has her first template on her blog, too.
Lisa has a template with butterflies on her blog.

Kits & stuff:
IMadeThisToday has a Lauren paper pack on her blog.
Janine has plush frames on her blog.
Rachel has gem stones on her blog.
Janosch has an Arne sampler on her blog.
Lucie has a fantastic cluster frame on her blog.

Lvred has Amber Waves of Grain elements on her blog.
Misty has a Jewel Tone Solids paper pack on her blog.
Re has a journal strips template on her blog.
Anna has a Starz and Stripez paper pack on her blog.
Heather has Grungy Circle Cluster Frames on her blog.
Julieo has an Infatuation flower on her blog.
Doreen has a Summer Brights kit here.
Maryse has part 4 of her Forever Yours kit on her blog.


Tasha said...

I'm so glad to hear you finally got some rain and a little relief from the heat. I love the way you describe your Saturday out with your son. He sounds like a naturally charming little boy. Thank you so much for posting my first freebie template on your blog. It really made my day! Have a wonderful weekend!

I Made This said...

Hey! Thank you for linking me freebie! Also, thanks for all your hard work seeking out freebies...I really appreciate it!
Claire x

Janine said...

thanks for today's freebie list. we had a big storm here today. thanks for having me on your list again...I appreciate it

*sarahm172* said...

danke für die tollen freebies. hier hat es gestern nachmittag schon geregnet und am abend gewitter und in der nacht hatten wir ein richtig heftiges gewitter. mein sohn hat fürchterlicher angst vor gewitter und ich auch .

lg sarah

Mara said...

what a lovely story about your son.I still cannot imagine, how you do all the things together :-)
but thank you again for the wonderful list

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all your work :)

grambie said...

So nice to visit & see what freebies you have listed & to read about your upcoming activities. So to you & yours have a wonderful weekend. Hope the weather gives you a little relief. Leaving Love! XOXOXO

Gini aka "MsGini" said...

Sounds like you had a fun and busy day! Damien sounds like a very popular guy to do errands with, and I probably would have bought the outfit too! Thanks again for sharing my first template here last week too! Hopefully I have a named mini kit ready to go as a freebie soon too! (Naming isn't as easy as it looks!)

mm said...

Thanks for the freebie list today. Enjoy the cooler weather.

Jill D-Zines said...

Hey, thanks for the great links! I have a new blog-freebie that you're welcome to post - maybe a bit girlie for you, but have a look if you can:
(you might like that paper, anyway!) ;)
Have a great week-end!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day with your family and friend! I have really enjoyed linking to your page every day - thank you for pulling so many resources together in one place. It is fun to try different designers' products and discover new favorites. Janet

Kim Broedelet said...

Heehee, he's a very clever little man.. I love shopping with my son too and we have great fun around the stores.. (even now when he is 16 he still loves going with his mom..LOL)Hell girl send me some of that heat.. I'm freezing here!! LOL.. but it's slowly warming up again thank goodness. Hope you have a wonderful weekend further.

Selena said...




Jessica said...

Thanks for searging!
Every day I look here and always you have very nice freebies!
I've freebies on my blog too, take a look if you want...

JellyBean said...

Thank you for the listing, I do appreciate it. I have a great mini kit I think you may love! I just finished it and posted it. ;) If you'd like the whole kit, just email me and it's yours, consider it a gift for your kindness in all you do. Here is link for you to view it. My Son Nathan inspired it. :)

There is a freebie sampler for all to enjoy. :)

Smiles Across the Miles,

olga9999 said...

Just a quick look. Your son looks a lovely boy, :) I'm sure he is going to be a VIP customer in some shops, LOL

It seems you are finally getting some needed rain, and I hope the weather it's not that bad now. :)

Thanks so much for all your work preparing the list and best wishes. :o)