Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday's freebies

Hope you all had a great start into the new week. I went to work today after one week off and basically read up on my emails from last week, which took me all day. What a waste of time... Oh well, it can only get better, right?
Here are my freebie finds of the day:

Rachel has a template on her blog.
Pamela has a template on her blog.
Tara has card templates on her blog. Oops I goofed, not a freebie after all. However she does have a free green alpha. Sorry.
Gini has a rectangle template on her blog.

Kits & stuff:
Valeri has a Coffee & Cream paper pack here.
Shandy has doodle sticker frames on her blog.
Cori has a Be Kind mini-kit on her blog. Please take special care to leave Cori some love, she sure has had a bad day and could use some lifting up.
Kim has A Stitch in Time mini-kit on her blog.
Jessica has a Ellyse freebie on her blog.
Miss Vivi has her Kit Bayadere alpha on her blog.

Lindsay Jane has a Rich Swirls mini-kit on her blog.
Kris has plastic circle frames on her blog.
Pett has City Look swirls and matching papers on her blog.
Julieo has an Infatuation kit on her blog.
Jill has a charm template sampler on her blog.
Lunica has doodled frames on her blog.

Seebee has stitched circles on her blog.
Kimberly has a Sue Ellen Francis font here.
Miranda has a Comical Alpha on her blog.
Janosch has a cardboard frame on her blog.
Iara has a Nancy paper pack on her blog.


Kathy said...

Lots of good stuff today! thanks
By the way, whose blog has more free stuff coming?

*sarahm172* said...

danke für die ganzen frreebie tips.

gute nacht

Kim Broedelet said...

oooh, back to work is a bummer..LOL. it's the catch up that's "nasty"...LOL. Thanks for the great list today.. and the mention..

marilyn said...

Thanks for all your hard work and time spent finding freebies for us.

Pascaline said...

Thanks for your list... If you like, I've got a little one freebie on my blog !!!

Mara said...

thank you very much for all this great lists, this monday it was a really big one

nikole said...

thanks so much for sharing these with us! you rock!

Shandy said...

fab.. fab... F.A.B. finds today! thank you sooooo much!!!
also.. scrolled down and wanted to say that your recent LO's are rockin' da house!!! very colorful and fresh! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all your work :)

Shar said...

Thank you for your hard work in locating all the wonderful freebies! It is very much appreciated!

SAHM said...

Thanks so much for your list - and also your kinda words re: ribbon wrap LO I sent you. Have a day and THANKS again! D

AmyW. said...

Thank you for the list. I was just sad that Tara's cards weren't actually freebies. :( BTW- I loved your recent LOs with the W&W kits. I just haven't had time to come back and comment on them. You always do excellent work sweetie. So when are you going to have a new template yourself?

Ira said...

WOW you got great freebies today! amazingly beautiful bunch! stunning.. stunning and stunning! thanks much for all your hard work!

Tkdmom said...

I love your blog . Guess what ? there is a brand new Ikea store opening here in Utah on Wed. There are already people lined up sleeping in tents. I can't wait to see what all the excitement is about!!

xashee's corner said...

thank you so much for the awesome lists each day!!! FUN FUN FUN :) have a WONDERFUL day!

olga9999 said...

Thanks a million for the list of freebies. It was great and a long one. :)

It seems being back at work was a bit boring, sorry to read about that. I hope it gets better during the week. :)

By the way I'm not sure I said this but your tutorial was really good one. Thanks for sharing that with us. :)

Best wishes and thanks a million for all the links. :o)

Pink Granite said...

What wonderful links!
I appreciate all the work it takes to gather and post them.

- Lee