Friday, May 25, 2007

TGI Friday freebies and

give me an air-condition, please! Pretty, pretty please... We've had a little heat wave this week in Germany, which is fine with me, I love sunny weather. Now we are expecting a weekend of rain, ...what else could it be when it 's an extended holiday weekend and I'm off work...grrrrrr. But right now it hasn't rained yet and it's so hot & humid I would give anything for a breeze. And we live in a 5th floor, or should I better say top floor, apartment in the city and air-conditioning in private buildings are unheard of in Germany. But I so want one now. It took us 2 hours to get Damien to sleep, no wonder it is a whooping 27°C or 81°F in his room right now (10:45pm).

Well enough of my whining, not like I'm gonna be really happy when it rains and we have to play mostly inside tomorrow. On to today's freebies.
Pamela has a Good Night Sleepyhead template on her blog.
Tara has a fathersday card template here.
Lisa has a DIP template on her blog.
Azrood has a template on her blog.
Lisa has a template on her blog.

Kits & Stuff:
Kirsty has textures on her blog.
Bannerwoman has a Tee It Up kit here.
Amy W has a Lemon Squares add-on here.
Sharon has a Lil Sweetie mini-kit on her blog.
Chantal has negative strips on her blog.
Krista has a Pretty Parlor kit on her blog.

Kim B has a Off Age frame on her blog.
Sunflowers99 has pink and blue paper packs here.
Lindsay Jane has scalloped frame clusters on her blog.
Lvred has a Amber Waves of Grain paper pack on her blog.
Tracy B is giving us a Peek In Tracy's Sock Drawer mini-kit on her blog.

Ashley has a Morning Sunshine kit here.
Seebee has a Ink Swirl alpha here.
Stefanie has All That Glitters stars here.
Chris has a free mini-kit on her blog.
Rachel has a stamp alpha on her blog.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your heatwave :( Though, I admit, I did chuckle a little.. We sometimes have it over 40C here ;)

Thank you so much for all the work you do :D

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for the list...If you want I've got a little freebie on my blog.

Joy said...

Thank you again.. it is very cold here today... blahhh.... I need heat.

Hugs.. Joy

Muka said...

one air conditioner, coming right up!! lol... it is very hot here too; 100 fahrenheit... ugggh... I feel your pain :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all your work :)

Anonymous said...

I envy you so much! Here in Argentina we have a very cold weather these days, and I absolutely HATE cold! So enjoy the heat for me!
Thank you as always for your list and happy weekend!

wendy said...

i hear ya on the heat! the coolest place i was all day was in the gym working out!

thanks again for some great stuff!

xashee's corner said...

thanks soo much for all you do! especially during your heatwave! :)
Have a WONDERFUL & safe holiday weekend!

Carol said...

Oh dear, if you're not liking the heat I can understand, but we get over 40C here too! Horrid! That's when I go stick my head in the fridge! ROFL

Laura said...

Thanks so much for all your hard work! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sending cool thoughts your way. Thanks for your list.

Anonymous said...

Right there with you...I'm just down the road (Rhineland-Pfalz) and last night was miserable. Not looking forward to summer...

At least the rain should cool things off...back into the 50s by Monday and Tuesday and hopefully the rain will be gone by then. :-)

BTW, love the freebie lists! Very helpful.

Laura K. said...

Where in Germany are you? We're in Holland right on the border. Aachen is the closet German city to us. It's been hot as heck here too and I AM looking forward to the rain because everything feels fresh again! I might change my mind if it lasts all week and I have to take a bike everywhere.... Also on the top apartment and feel your pain!

Tasha said...

Good Morning to you! I hope it is feeling a bit cooler now. I was born in Miami and it was much like that when I was growing up. Anything above 80 F is really hard to get to sleep in. We used to freeze mango slices and eat them over the sink. I think any frozen fruit would be pretty fun in the heat. Sometimes the kids eat it in the tub and then just wash it all off. I have really enjoyed your blog, your freebies and all the freebies you have found! I have one for you. It does not have stars, but it is not girly either. I have a DS, 2.5 yrs and a DD 11.5 yrs.
Tasha in North Florida, US

La Osita Boricua said...

Thanks for posting all of the wonderful freebies. Thank you alot. I have a freebie on my blog too. I just started posting Im really new to the blog thing and digital scrapbooking is my newest hobby really. I've been expirementing with digital scrapbooking for only a year. Your blog is so cool! And again thanks alot.

My names Cynthia

Hopefully you will take the time to look at my blog too. Its not really much but Im trying.

Inma said...

Living in Ireland I'm glad to tell you that it seems there is plenty of rain towards the continent and temperatures tend to drop. So we are getting close to summer and as always the weather is miserable here and no chance of having that kind of complain, that I so much would like to make at least once a year, :(

I hope things would improve in the continent and if you can you are welcome to send the heatwave this way, it would be very welcome, LOL.

Thanks a million for the list, as always it's very handy, and have a good weekend. Best wishes. :o)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I bookmarked your cool freebie list and now visit it daily. I ´d definetly scrap with a far less beautiful outcome without you :-)