Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Madness Freebies

It's Hilma's birthday and she has 3 templates on her blog.
Lisa has 3 DIP templates on her blog.
Di has 5 ATC templates on her blog.

Kits & stuff:
Kara has a Lil' Buggy kit and bent frames on her blog.
Kirsty has a Hibiscus High Homework mini-kit on her blog.
Tracy has a green Candy Bit alpha on her blog.
Miss Vivi has part 2 of kit Bayadere on her blog.
Misty has a funky frame on her blog.
Tracy B has a Funky Town add-on on her blog.
Sonia has a shadowbox on her blog.

Scraps for Charity have new kits benefiting the Humane Society here.


Lene said...

Thank you very much for making it so much easier for me to find the good freebies. You're my star.

Anonymous said...

thanks for all your work :)

Di Hickman said...

thanks for the link!
can you let everyone know that the ATCs had a funky download. For some reason it won't work. I just rezipped, reuploaded and triple checked the new download link and all is working well now :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great week! Thank you so much for more great links. BettyJoR

Kara said...

Thanx for adding my freebies to your list!!!!

AmyW. said...

Great list today sweetie! Thanks for the hard work on our behalves!

gwenevere dupus said...

Thank you for all the links again today!! SO, SO SO appreciated!!

goodebag said...
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goodebag said...
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