Saturday, December 20, 2008

Freebie Friday

Hey gals,
I’m back :-) I’m feeling a lot better, though I’m just starting to get back to eating. I figured some non-sugar-coated warm Swedish cinnamon rolls would be just the thing to have after 3 days of no food, just tea and broth. So far, I still feel good. Thanks to a lot of luck, soap, and anti-bacterial wipes, Damien and Christian didn’t get the stomach flu. I wiped everything I touched and stayed away from my two guys as far as possible. Thank you for your many comments and well wishes. That sure was a nice read after not being at the PC for 3 days. You can’t imagine my surprise.
Now I have some serious freebie catching-up to do… my Google reader list says 967 new posts to check. That is quite a ballpark figure, I’ll see how far I can get today.
Cheers, Angie aka IkeaGoddess


qp1 hybrid 3x



qp4 4x

qp5 2x


Alphas & Wordart:
alpha1 3x

alpha2 2x


Kits & more:

kits2 hybrid - there are more on the blog 2x

kits3 2x


kits5 3x mystery freebie

kits6 2x hybrid hybrid

kits7 hybrid

kits8 2x hybrid 3x


Weeds & Wildflowers:

Only 428 posts more to go, see ya tomorrow ;-)


Laurie said...

Thanks for listing my freebie. I think I speak for everyone when I say, thank goodness you are back. We all missed you! Have a good weekend!

admin said...

Glad you're feeling better.:) I missed you not being around for a few days! Thanks for the great list!

Nina said...

So glad you are feeling better!! And thank goodness your guys didn't get that nasty bug as well!

Shirley said...

So glad you're feeling better! Now don't over-do-you don't want a relapse. Take good care of yourself and have a good weekend.

Pink Peacock Designs said...

Thanks for posting my freebie today!! Glad that you are feeling better, take care and have a good weekend! Brittany

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Angie, you are SUPER WOMAN, I swear! I started scrolling through all of your FABULOUS freebie finds and KEPT scrolling AND scrolling AND ... you have EASILY made up for your days away all in ONE! I will be HAPPILY downloading for just about EVER! TY!

I am SO happy that you are feeling better and the Danish Cinnamon Rolls sound YUMMY! Putting the coffee on right now! LOL!

Take care sweetie and I am a FIRM believer in all of your mentioned methods of keeping the others in the household healthy! KUDOS!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for listing my Holiday Sparkle darlin'!

Linda :)

Valorie said...

Ty so much Angie! I am so glad to hear you are feeling better and that your family didn't get it too!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch. Glad you are feeling better! Keep resting! :) T.

Kristin said...

Hi Angie, I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. We had such a nasty stomach flu this week too! I hope your hubby and sweet boy can stay well!

Thank you so much for listing my freebie. You are so awesome!

Happy Holidays!

Lori T. said...

Welcome back! Glad you're feeling better and that no one else got sick. Have a very Merry Christmas!

JanMary said...

So glad you are feeling better.

Merry Christmas to you and yours from Northern Ireland.

HelenClyde said...

Yeah, how good to have you back! You totally became part of my daily routine, but I mentioned that before, didn´t I?
Thank you sooooo much for the list!

kaffp said...

glad to hear you're on the up again.

Jen said...

Good to hear you're back on deck and so far the rest of the family are OK. It definitely helps to become obsessive compulsive about handwashing when gastro is going through the family!
Thanks for wading through all the freebies for us :)