Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Manic Monday’s Madness & Freebies

My Monday morning started when Damien crawled into our bed to cuddle and wake up, which is always the best part of every morning. Unless of course he decides it is morning in the middle of the night. However this very seldom happens. Damien is usually awake between 7 and 7:30. Today I looked at the alarm clock, noticed it saying 8am and thought thanks little man for the extra hour of sleep. In the distance I hear my palm alert go off in my purse. Not a good sign, as I didn’t go through the next day’s schedule the night before as I usually do. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what I forgot. I may have to add, that is why I have a palm. Since I can’t memorize my own schedule, let alone remember all of our schedules and coordinate them, I outsourced that part of my brain to my palm. In other words I am totally dependant on the gadget. Now fully awake, I know I’m in trouble. I run to the hallway, grab my palm out of my purse and see that Damien’s kindergarten group is going to the theatre today – drop off time at the KiGa: 8am. A quick glance at my watch tells me it is 8:03. Thankfully my brain can switch to full working mode after shock. I realize we won’t get to the KiGa on time without a DeLorean, however we could make it on time if we go straight to the theatre. Now what’s a girl to do? I scream at Chris to get up (he had just slept 3 hours after the late shift, poor guy) to get Damien dressed, while I run to the bathroom and get ready. 10 min later we meet again in the hallway, where Damien and I grab our coats and run out of the house. Now the fun part starts, we don’t have a car and it’s to cold (freezing to be exact) to take the bikes. So Damien and I run down our street to the street-car. The last part I even had to carry the poor kid. In the street-car, I feed Damien two tangerines I grabbed off our fruit bowl, so he doesn’t die of hunger. I calculated our time of arrival to about 8:35. What I don’t know is when the show starts, as we have always dropped him off at the Kindergarten. Since it isn’t too far from there to the theatre I assume it starts at 8:30. So I’m sitting in the street-car already preparing myself how I’m going to talk us in, while fighting the urge to hit myself that I didn’t check my palm the day before and set the alarm clock. At the same time Damien is totally excited and tells me what the show is all about (a goose called Auguste, who is bought for the Christmas meal.  - he doesn’t know yet that the goose will be spared and even gets a sweater for Christmas;-)). So when the street-car gets to our stop, we run to the theatre and arrive totally out of breath. I bet we were a funny sight. I thought that was why the theatre crew kind of looked puzzled. I ask if we are too late and they tell us the first show starts at 9:00. Smiling I sit down and catch my breath, I’m so relieved we actually made it. Then the guy asks which kindergarten Damien belongs too and it turns out, they didn’t have enough tickets and got booked for the second show at 10:30!!! So there I am, sweating and red faced, on a freezing Monday morning, at 8:38am, with an excited kid on my hand, almost two hours to early at the theatre, and without breakfast if I may add. So what did we do? We turned around, went back to the street-car, walked to the kindergarten, where I dropped Damien off, and he took a bus with his group to the theatre one hour later. How’s that for a Monday morning?




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Anonymous said...

You are better. At least Damien didn't miss the show.
Mine was worse, I completely forgot my doctor appointment and missed it. LOL
Thanks for the wonderful freebie list. As always you are the best !

Unknown said...

Hoo, girl, you deserve a glass of wine & a long hot bath! Thanks for the freebies.

Anonymous said...

Urrgh,, what a dreadful morning for you,, but glad your DH wasn't late after all. Ihave a mini kit and a set of 4 quick pages on my blog right now for free, if you would like to list them
B x

Suz said...

Oh what a rude awakening for a Monday morning! I hope your day starts off MUCH better tom!

Jenny said...

Sounds like a pretty brutal Monday morning! Hope the rest of the week is better. :)

Kimberly Lynne Rohn Wresh said...

I am cracking up picturing you all flushed with a total adreneline rush sitting outside....poor thing! Your a good mama to make sure he didn't miss the show!!!

Lindsay Jane said...

That sounds far too stressful for a Monday morning!

nanasdinky said...

Oh my...Ive been there and done that before!! Sure does wake you up though doesnt it! Glad it all turned out ok for ya :)

Patamomma said...

Mama told me there would be days like this! Yep. Those days where you would be better off to stay in bed. Patty

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm just laughing because I've done that before! It's exhausting! At least the little one got to see the show! I'm suggesting some wine...

Jen said...

LOL! It happens to the best of us- I think you did VERY well remembering to grab 2 tangerines!

Jessica said...

Oh my word! That is a manic monday indeed.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

LOL! I suppose I shall have to THIRD the wine suggestion Angie!!! Bless your heart. Now while I was missing my children being little when reading about Damien's goodies from Saint Nick, I shall now have to say that I surely do NOT miss days like your's today! PHEW! I even think a little of the "post-traumatic" stress set in while reading!!! LOL!

And look at you now! Calm, cool, collected and right back with the program!

Thank you for TODAY's yummy treats and for showcasing my alpha!

So, I shall forego my usual HAPPY MONDAY and wish you a MOST terrific Tuesday darlin'!!!

Linda :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like one of those "GREAT MOM" moments where you laugh about it a few days afterwards and the hour gets later and the pace more frenzied over repeated telling. :-)

Anonymous said...

Why do those things only happen on Monday mornings? Hope you had time to wind down and re-start your Monday! Thanks again for all you do. :) T.

Unknown said...

Life is sometimes just supposed to challenge us. I am glad that it all worked out right

Tammy Dunlap said...

Dont you love mornings like those.Well at least you did not miss it though right! Thanks for all the links to the freebies!

Sarah said...

You need to write about your days more often, I enjoyed reading that. Sorry so stressful for you, but amusing for me, sounds like something I would do. And makes me wish I lived where you do and didn't have to rely on cars!

Thanks again for your blog!

Kori said...

Sounds like you had a true Monday! Hope that you were able to relax after your crazy morning. Thanks for all the freebie finds.

Vicki said...

LOL! How funny! Thanks for cheering me up this morning and making me laugh! Thanks for the fab freebie list.

Camilla said...

Oh my goodness... what a crazy morning. Mine wasn't as bad, but not great either. It was so freezing outside that none of the cardoors would open..long story but we finally made it to kindergarten anyway. :) Thanks for the great list! i stop by here every morning.

Anonymous said...

OMG Angie! Your Monday was the WORST way to start a day...You need a glass of wine to calm down!!! ROFL!!!! Here's wishing you a calmer week! :D

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, what a way to start the week! I did enjoy your story a lot (I was running with you :)) and I'm glad to hear that Damien was on time for the show. I bed he enjoyed it!



p.s. Thanks for keeping track of all the freebies. Your blog rocks!

Sabine said...

Not a great way to start the week :(
Hope the next days will be better!
Thanks for this new freebie list. I have one sample on my blog again ;)

Limarea said...

Well, aren't you thankful for that extra hour of sleep you got? ;) Thanks for the list.

EliNa said...

What a start of the week ;-)

I have a new template up at my blog

Thanks for listing it and enjoy the remainder of the week


Stacey said...

You always have the best freebies posted!!! thank you so much for all you do!!! I am sorry you had a bad morning!!! Hopefully today will be better!!
I have a candy cane alpha freebie on my blog today if you are interested!! http://sjtowers.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

That does not sound like my idea of a great morning! That extra hour of sleep was stolen away with the hour of stress I bet! Hope today went better for you :)

Anonymous said...

haha, I read you're message this morning and had a smile now and then the whole day long. (this isn't really good english, but I had a long day too and I hope you know what I mean ;o). BTW, I've had a good idea for a nick-nickname for you; Ikeagoodies!!
Thanks for your goodies and your nice anekdotes.
Love from the Netherlands and a lovely december to you.
Gon (Gons(s)crapdesign)

Anonymous said...

oh, wow.

Solche Montage braucht kein Mensch - dann doch lieber eine Stunde weniger schlaf am Morgen ;-)

wie immer - danke für deine Arbeit für die Freebies!

Viele Grüße


Sarah said...

Oh my... I hope you don't mind that I'm chuckling at your experience. What a crazy morning! What a mom won't do for her kiddo. :) And what an adrenaline rush won't do for a morning routine! :)

Bonnie said...

Wow, what an adventure! You're such a good mom to race to the theater so Damien wouldn't miss the show.

Kerri said...

Oh, what a nightmare - glad he got to go though! ANd what a good Mummy, for trying so hard to get there on time.
I think Monday was a day for forgetting, I totally forgot a childrens birthday party in the afternoon, didn't remember until it was MUCH too late to appear. Had to then phone and explain what had happened, I went with the truth, but i am not sure how well that went down!