Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday’s Freebies

temp1 DIP


Alpha & Wordart:

Kits & more:

kits2  2x


Vanessa said...

I don't know if you listed these or not, but there are two really great template freebie sets from a couple of the CT's I'm on.

10 from Lauren Grier's team.

6 from Fee Jardine's Team.

Cara said...

Wow, someone mentioned your site on the Jessica Sprague forum and I'm so impressed (and excited)! I am just dipping my toe into the designing biz (not sure if I'm going to go professional or not) and am going to give some freebies. Right now I have some Xmas stuff available for download.
Thanks for all your hard work!


Deanna said...

OOOOOO Thanks so much for listing my freebie!!

Amy said...

If you are interested in doing the 365 project digitally, you should check out this blog:
She is going to do a digital templates every week or so to keep her on track to do all 365 photos.
BTW, thanks for all your searching. I'm a digiscrap blog stalker but you still find things I don't!

Nicole Young said...

Thank you so much for posting my blog freebies and nice words about my tutorial!! You rock!! Thanks for all your hard work! I really appreciate it!