Monday, December 01, 2008

W&W News

Weeds & Wildflowers is doing a countdown to Christmas. Just like an Advent calendar you get a prize everyday. Hurry each is 24h only. Check it out here.


Diane said...

Love your desktop at WW! Thanks for letting us in on the countdown freebies - and on all the other freebies you point us to every day!!! Thanks!

Stefani said...

Cute desktop, Angie!!! Thanks so much for letting us know it was over there and for helping putting it together! :)

Crissie said...

Thanks for the heads up! You are such a sweetheart to take such good care of our scrapping addiction!

SarahG said...

How Cool!
Thanks for sharing , I LOVE the desktop you made!

Have a Great day!

KayJay said...

Thanks for the info! LOVE the new look to your blog!
I am also dropping by, to let you know I have another German themed freebie on my blog "St. Nikolaus"! you might want to check it out!
Take care and thanks again for all you do for our addiction!

chantal said...

Wow der Desktop ist genial, ich hab ihn gestern gleich geladen!!! DANKE!!!
Ich hab heute ein kleines Freebie, ein Template!